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Anyone watching this George Floyd trial?

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  • Originally posted by GhostofDempsey View Post

    There were "experts" who were also medical doctors (pulmonologists too) who insisted COVID wasn't as deadly as it was being touted. That masks were not necessary. No one wanted to hear those doctors. Tobin also declined his usual $500 per hour expert witness fee for this trial. One has to ask why after being an expert witness in over 50 cases, he chose this particular one to waive his fee.
    He said it was his first criminal case which is why he didn't accept payment. A guy like Tobin wouldn't risk his reputation he's built over 46 years as one of the best if he wasn't certain. Look at the garbage the defence dragged into court someone being sued and a guy that defended a cop shooting a teenager 16 times while on the floor saying it was reasonable.


    • Originally posted by Zaroku View Post

      I was thinking the same way, and now I’m just going to wait for the jury’s verdict.

      I think Chavin will get convicted of something...

      People are driven by emotions, and this case has a lot of emotions attached to it already.

      Rockin and others might be right...

      I’ve mentioned previously in this thread that a white guy in Japan, stole a doughnut and the cops were called. He resisted, and he ended up dying from a baton chock hold. Nobody cared.
      My friends and neighbors said it was the doughnut thief’s fault.

      it ended there...
      Well fck me and tellmeya luv me! My doc has been telling me for Years... that donuts are bad for you...Took a Nihon Des to show it is true.


      • Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post

        You do know no mater the verdict riots are going to happen?
        U do know riots are already happening right?

        The verdict will determine if we have to hear that same bs excuse about “social injustice” or not. That’s what I’m concerned with. What about you?


        • Guilty on all counts
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          • Originally posted by ralex View Post
            Guilty on all counts
            So I guess they're happy riots now, like when the Lakers win a championship.


            • Sentencing isn't for another 8 weeks, so strap yourself in for a fun summer!


              • Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post

                So I guess they're happy riots now, like when the Lakers win a championship.
                Yeah. I know folks are still gonna act a fool


                • Fuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk, there go the good riots


                  • 2nd degree murder

                    2nd degree manslaughter

                    3rd degree murder

                    Just as I thought.

                    Let the rioting continue !

                    Somebody grab me the new pair of PUMAs !!