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62% of Americans afraid to share their political view

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    Originally posted by billeau2 View Post
    You cannot even explain yourself... I mean I am a perfect example. I happen to think Biden is a lot worse alternative than Trump. That automatically makes people think "I like Trump." Nothing could be farther from the truth. You then try to explain your thinking, but it does not matter... People are so polarized that you are considered a "trumptard." I personally have no problem with any point of view people have. I am troubled by transgressions that have a material affect on censorship, certain aspects of the Constitution, and transgressions that encourage bullying.

    I like to think that my friends here know me well enough via my posting history, that I have substantial reasons for any decision I make about this country. I am sure many of them do, but not all of them.
    You consider Rockin an expert.
    Your opinion is tosh.


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      It's because of what people, especially Conservative people can lose if they are too outspoken.

      Especially if they work in a public sector role or commercial company with left wing values like media, entertainment, hospitality etc.

      It's a huge risk if you have spent years building a family, career and life to have it ripped away by some nasty, vindictive millennial on twitter etc.

      It's disgusting and wrong, organisations should back their staff more instead of bending to the twitter nazis.