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Do You Ever Take A Minute To Reflect On How Blessed You Are To Live Today?

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    Now is a great time to be alive.

    you can be in a blue area for business but still get paid by someone in Miami


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      There are definitely pros and cons to living in this day and age, but I'm grateful.


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        Originally posted by Fists_of_Fury View Post

        I'll take a LS or LT with a TH400 in the bang for buck combo over any Coyote. There's a reason for all those LS motors being swapped into Ford's lol. Cheaper and more reliable power.
        My opinion, and as far as current "modern day" set up'?


        You aren't going to beat the Gen 3 Coyote, or the 10 speed auto as a combo. As far as 30 years down the line, "regular joe", I wanna go fast.

        Probably doesn't matter much.

        I'll be in my 70's seeing the 3000 HP Tesla/Lambo combo flyby my old ass while being no louder than a mouse fart.

        And as far as the underlying theme of this thread Jim made, yes, I feel very fortunate to live at this very moment in time, where I live at, and who I live with.

        I start bitching about certain things, and realize, it could be a lot worse.


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          Originally posted by Mike_b View Post
          Amen brother, I'm not invincible, but I wake up every morning with a iced coffee and be thankful for what I have, no matter how irksome the day. It only takes a moment to be thankful.
          Remind me to slap you

          I’m a Jew with pocket chump change

          you needs to save a hoe

          im listening to a song cameo. Like candy.


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            Nice one. Bookmarked for whenever I think I have it rough.


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              I go into my Fortress of Solitude looking to listen to some music, then the problem starts. What to listen to with over 10,000 records, tapes and CD's.....what?

              I have Netflix, over 300 TV statiions, something called Tubi with a 1000 movies at least there, so what to watch?

              With a home library of over 10,000 books what is next to read? Lee Child, James Lee Burke, JT Edson, sci fi?????

              What to drink, whiskey and coke, whiskey and Dr, Pepper, whiskey and lemon/orange freshly squeezed right off the tree?

              Money in the bank, money in my pockets, money in my wallet, money in the ash tray in my car and truck, money in the cushions on the couch.

              Yep, feel like a fat pig in slop, just roll around in it happy as it can get.

              Sex has got me .......sorry babe but got a headache, She is killing me.
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                Every goddamn day, thank you mom and thank you America



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                  Sure, but do you realize how much MORE blessed you could've been if you were born a hundred or thousand years after you were born?

                  I mean the folks around during the sh^tting in outhouses era were blessed compared to the mfers who were from the sh^tting behind a bush while hoping a wild animal don't kill you mid-poop era.


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                    You have to take the good with the bad. We also have over crowding, traffic jams for hours, phones that spy on us, cameras everywhere, an LGBTQ agenda that is hurting minors, everything is either racist, ****phobic or misogynistic now, corporations that own and control damn near everything, and your salary doesn’t take you nearly as far as it did several decades ago. We still have riots, we are more violent today than we were in pre-Vietnam/Civil Rights era, and we are stifled with rules, regulations, fees, taxes, and permits. Everyone is offended by everything now, most of these soft ass m’fers would never survive life a century ago, wouldn’t even survive the 80’s.

                    Despite all of our advances in medicine and technology, a Chinese flu still kicked our asses a hundred years after the last pandemic. Granted much of it was political BS, but it shows just how fragile we are as a species, a civilization and society.
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                      Originally posted by Fists_of_Fury View Post
                      I wish I was born sooner. The 40's or 50's. I'd trade modern comforts for that era anyday. Seeing real muscle cars in early adulthood everyday would be wonderful.
                      Back in that era men ate raw medium rare meat beef theses a spot down the street raw Kobe beef..