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BUTLER vs Jhonny! Who you got?

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  • prefix_1_title_rich BUTLER vs Jhonny! Who you got?

    Jhonny gets 5 figs yearly
    Butler has 6 figs.

    Jhonny gets poon for free
    butler??? Who knows??
    Didn’t butler launch freeze dried lumpia into low earth orbit?

    Jhonny is from Azabu Juban, (Beverly hills of japan)
    butler a third world mongrel who looks down on blacks is a janitor at an oil refinery.

    Around Richmond CA. Oil refineries pay six figs for janitorial services.

    I gotta expose his punk azz because he’s up in these threads spewing his pinoy 6 figs bull chit.

    My lovely daughter Chloe in Makati supports her extended family on my dime... I say Amen..

    I save money or do without so my kids can have.

    B.UTLER get a real wife, have kids and tell us about how you worry daily about your wife and kids.

    im probably wrong... in thinking that children are a blessing from GOD and as such we are required to sacrifice and work hard to pass on to the next generation ....

    please don’t tell us about your catholic school version of a Christianity ... I’m not alone in thinking you were molested

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    Johnny without a doubt


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      Originally posted by Beercules View Post
      Johnny without a doubt
      Nothing worse than a third world janitor acting all uppity...
      i knows where I come from... poor people.

      not royalty

      believe me this..
      pinoys like butler forget they were picking through garbage for food. In japan, japanyuki(filipina talent) come here to earn money draining jap balls.

      I spent a year outta my life working for globe telecom in Manila and I stayed at the Shangrila

      whenever one of my 3 Filipina’s left to get me food or weed...

      the front desk security would detain them and call me to make sue the wimmin I was plowing didn’t steal anything from me.

      You family to me so I keep it real...

      I asked myself

      ”what kinda worthless piece of chit are you to be using wimmin who can’t fit into American society.. how can you think you are better than them? I made big mistakes and I listened to what they were saying”

      I paid for female company

      my cousin mike, a disgusting kind fat body was loved.

      get a filipina solid wife... you’ll be happy like TJ Highway.



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        Jhonny is more well hung I bet.


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          Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
          Jhonny is more well hung I bet.
          He’s 5.5 lbs soaking wet... he’s trying to cuck me daily. Constant battle. He’s not into trannys or faux poontang dudes !!!
          My wife loves the lil niggy(her words)

          because of COVID Jhonny couldn’t dress up like Dracula and give kids candy...

          I never had a dog with this much crazy independent spirit.

          if he was a big pit blue/red nose we would come to an understanding after we determined who is the leader of the pack..

          dogs are cool


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            Jhonny has balls and butler sniffs le bron jock straps
            go to the Philippines and you will see poverty and depressing chit

            butler isn’t trying to go back


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              I don't mind Butler looking down upon scumbags like the Lounge's many afrocentric racists. Now if it's also the good guys like GrandapaBernard and the Larry Elder types, he can go to hell. You can dislike the parasites, scumbags and racists but still like the good people.

              I got Jhonny. I'm bias though. Jhonny is adorable. I had a female long haired Chihuahua. She was a lovely, intelligent and beautiful dog. She would do anything for bologna lol. She was like a peanut butter brown color. She didn't like black people or big dogs.


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                Then again Butler might eat him.


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                  Butler is a pinky pinky azz clown ... he loves Lebron James
                  mid go whoring with him cuz he’s a cheap lil boy.

                  he called out Larry and then hid when Larry took his b ball team to Houston

                  ive been to his country and they poor ppl.

                  in makati I get a driver/ gun toting guy who looks down on me for ****ing fugly Filipina’s

                  Since a big military base closed and gi joe don’t acknowledge his children Clark’s Air Force base.

                  last time I was there shangri la hotel these rag head muslim guys were drilling lil boys abd drinking hard liquor