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  • Has Klopp become stagnant?

    You'd think with key injuries to Real Madrid, he wouldn't trot out the same 433 yet again but does so anyways.

    Do Liverpool ever win when Kieta plays?


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      • Best game from Chelsea in a long time.


        • Mount plays quite similar to Robbie Fowler doesn't he?

          Back in the top four with an emphatic performance.


          • Marseille balling.

            Szef what you know about Milik?
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            • Chelsea were very good there. With sharper finishing that would have been about 10-1.

              Glad Pulisic is showing. He needs to show he is one of the best players at Chelsea and one of the best players in the league. He cant keep going off the pitch when feeling his hamstring or refusing to take on a player. Don't be a p.ussy, son.

              He can be a Chelsea legend or premier league/european league journeyman. It is all on him.

              Chelsea really do just need a bit of devil. It is a joke we are struggling to finish 4th. A farce really. Chelsea could actually win the the champions league and they have the best squad not named City but even then we should.probably be within a few points of City.

              We will see what happens.

              But anything really could happen here. We get smashed by WBA on one hand and then can probably run rampant against Real Madrid on the other.

              Weird team.

              Dangerous as f.uck.

              Can't say I care about the league. Give us the one with the big ears.

              I just feel this is worst season Chelsea are likely to have for a few years.

              It is gonna get painful for most you tbf.
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              • Dangerous af until Marina and Roman revert to type and sack the manager.

                Tuchel has a Conte streak in him. We haven't seen it yet but he fell out at Dortmund and PSG for similar reasons that Conte fell out at Chelsea.

                They're gonna buy Haaland and Rice instead of players Tuchel wants, and Tuchel is gonna burn a bridge.


                • On our way to a double.


                  • Woof. What a time to peak.

                    We need to put the league on the backburner.

                    Get the pots in.

                    Chelsea win the league next year anyway.


                    • Mason Mount made a fu.cking meme out of Fernandinho tonight. How many times did he make that guy look like City plucked him off the street.

                      As anyone still saying he's Lol.

                      Kid is monstrous.