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  • ****ing LSU

    So close to being out of the title picture, and they come back. The SEC is taking each other out and I love it. This would have been the nail in the coffin with all the best teams in the conference having two losses.

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    Don't hate my friend, the SEC is the BEST conference in College Football. An SEC team will be in the BCS title game next year whether it's LSU or Florida.


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      It's by far the best conference, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Sooners sneak in there with one loss while the SEC teams get left out.

      If the Sooners can keep winning that is. They almost lost to Iowa ****ing State today.


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        The SEC East is almost a sure as hell toss-up at the moment. Every team (except Vandy) has two losses but a few of those teams have won against the loss teams.

        Like for example Kentucky has loss to Florida and South Carolina but either of those two teams (more than likely South Carolina) will end up losing when they have to play eachother in a couple of weeks which gives more room for Kentucky and other schools to try and run the table.

        I feel the only way Kentucky can possibly take the east is if they win out the rest of the way but it may be tough and i am not talking about the odds either. They have to play Mississippi State which should be a win either way you look at it, Vandie who we have to travel down there to play (I'm going to this game by the way), Georgia who will want to beat our asses after losing to us last year plus we're playing Inbetween The Hedges too of all places, and then finally Tennessee who we've always sucked against. And i'm going to 3/4 of those games so i'll actually be able to see what happens for myself.

        But tonight we played kinda flat, whatever happened, happened is all I can say. There could've been a combination of things to make us lose today, possibly the physical triple overtime game against LSU as well as Florida having their bye week to then come up here and play.

        It's nice to say that Woodson still has a shot for heisman considering he put up 416 yards passing and a couple of touchdowns to boot. Steve Johnson is now one of the top 5 receivers in the SEC when it comes to receiving yards and touchdowns. He's also leading the squad in both categories.


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          I thought you were an Auburn fan Erbad?


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            Originally posted by -Antonio- View Post
            I thought you were an Auburn fan Erbad?
            Auburn in the west, Kentucky in the east. And being from the bluegrass state doesn't really help either. I think my head would probably explode when UK and Auburn resume playing each other again since I wouldn't know which team to cheer for and what section i should actually sit in but I usually stand in the walk-ways above the bleachers during the games.