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I think the time has come for a new Boxing video game...

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    Eddie Hearn has claimed he's either going to do it. Or he wants to do it. He feels like there's a huge market. I agree with you. UFC games are okay simply because it's all we have, (unless you play fight night champion) But with 3rd gen consoles And what have ya, the potential for a boxing game is massive in today climate. I remember though that the makers have always said it's painstaking having to negotiate with each fighter individually. That must be hard work. Best thing with UFC is they're fighters had to basically be in it if I'm correct? But anyhow WHO WOULDNT WANT TO BE IN A GAME?! Just wish the makers could deal with the promoter and then every fighter in said company is enrolled onto the game.


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      Wii Punch Out was okay, but I wanna see a Punch Out game on a next gen console.


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        Originally posted by Targaryen View Post
        This game's looking pretty good tbf

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        Really curious about this game. Screenshots look great. It should be coming out on PC soon and then consoles afterwards.

        The roster is kind of sucky, but I'd just happy with any next gen boxing game even if it's just a bunch of fake fictional boxers on the roster.

        Joe Frazier will be in it, so that's a great thing.