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    Originally posted by Earl-Hickey View Post
    Who was claiming that a 500 dollar console was gonna produce performance of a GPU which costs FOUR TIMES THAT?

    for 500 dollars its as good as you could reasonably expect.
    Most people were. Countless articles that all the casuals ate up. Google Series x 2080 ti and see for yourself.


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      Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post
      Most people were. Countless articles that all the casuals ate up. Google Series x 2080 ti and see for yourself.
      I don't think most people thought that the Series X nor the PS5 were going to be on par with a 2080 Ti. Not with AMD's first go around with Ray Tracing on SOC's in 400-500 dollar consoles.

      I'm not an expert by any means and am not even in the profession, but I like to follow tech, and have been following PC trends for a minute.

      From what I have gathered, RT is hell on even top end GPU's, even the latest and greatest 30 series cards from Nvidia.

      I think 2060 Super performance for games featuring RT in consoles ins't that bad.


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        I'm buying both the new xbox and ps5 at the beginning of 2021. One upstairs one downstairs. Will give me plenty of years' service, so it's good value.


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          I always end up with all the consoles but all I actually play is my PC. Kids play the consoles, fill them up with their kid ****, and as a grown ass man it just feel wrong to delete fortnite or whatever the **** to make room for Fallout or whatever the ****.

          emulation and open source solutions are all I play anymore. I'm quietly working toward my own ****ty console with my own ****ty games and my own ****ty controller. A mix of rom hacks by yours truly and open source engine mods also by yours truly. Because I can and for no other reason. Because there is **** I want to play that no one will ever make for me. Like a Savage remake. Savage on the Amiga 500 was my first game ever period. I'd love to see him in like a 2.5D or maybe 2d but donkey kong'd with the 3d assets.

          Right now my favorite project is presently called Paul Stanley's Love Gun. It's a Doom. Like OG, 2d on 3d perspective, Doom. You are Paul, his face would be there in the HUD looking know...Stanley... with puckered lips and **** while he looks around. The levels would be kind of like open world, as open as Doom can be, where you're just running into folks not having a good time. you hit them with a litte oooOOOooo from the Love Gun and instead of kill animations they go from being frumpy and pissy to dancing and smiling. Goal is to make everyone have a good time. It's stupid and silly and loads of Kiss music and references and ****. Of course The Elder mythos is all up in it. I go back and forth on how much I want to touch on the Love Gun pun...seems a bit much to make it fleshy or shoot.. right now it's like a ray gun based on Paul's guitar's headstock that shoot purple ring rays because ring rayguns always were my favorites.

          Far as hardware goes I'll do what everyone does these days. computer parts with a stripped down OS that only understands simple tasks like launching games. Not even sure if I'll SBC it or if i'll just build a small ITX.

          The controller is simply as balls. I prefer Xbox layout so it's really just another xbox controller with a different shell.

          I'm not worried about the hardware because that's not really my thing. I just need something I can put software on and make cases for. I can make the best cases. If I wanted to I could put an xbox in a ****able doll along with a pocket ***** controller . literally any shape or polymer medium.

          Obviously not a for sale kind of project but I'll likely give them away. It's like an art piece or some ****.