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    It's a complete remake of hl1 from Crowbar Collective. It's pretty freakin' awesome, but i don't see any mention of it here...did a search...nada.

    Anybody play it? It's one of those "early access" games. They still have zen to complete, and do minor updates to the game in the meantime.

    They redid the ammo values to hl2, which i don't care for, so i edited the skill file to hl1 values, and it works great. No mod needed. Might not work with a mod add after that, but might be able to redo the skill file after a mod is added, which there are a hell of a lot.
    Some pretty lame, some really great. Anyway, awesome game!

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    Is it finished yet? They started it over a decade ago


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      They keep adding/fixing stuff. And they say they're still working on zen. And yeah, it is taking a long time.