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  • Resident Evil 0

    Anyone played this?

    worth getting?

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    Depends if you liked the old school Resident evil games then yeah, it's only 10 bucks. It looks good and holds up to the original 3.
    But it's way different than resident evil 4 5 or 6, it's very slow and full of puzzles.


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      I played it on Steam, it's highly rated there 9/10. It's a good game, if you liked Resident Evil Remake you'll like this. But it has mixed reviews for consoles for some reason, I don't know why because I have only played it on my PC. Metacritic gave it a mixed a review 3.5/5, IGN was not too impressed at 6.5/10. I loved the unlockable Wesker mode, where you get to play as Wesker and use some of Wesker's moves like dashing and blasting energy. In Wesker mode Rebecca is injected with a virus and also has red eyes and is pale. RE always gives you replayability which is one thing to buy their games for.