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Best PS/PC Games: Call Of Duty and Resident Evil.

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  • Best PS/PC Games: Call Of Duty and Resident Evil.

    Cool action and war games.

    Including Medal Of Honor.

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    You want to play an FPS ONLINE on the PC?

    Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is the go to game. IF you like huge maps, with a ton of things happening, a lot of variety, then try Battlefield 4.


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      I play now in wallhax. It's a new game. I was looking for an easy game to relax and found it. I also use a software program with cheats and hacks and they help me a lot. The game has become funnier and more interesting. There are a lot of cheats like super speeding, jump hack and changing gravity and all of them are safe to use in the game. You can also all the visual customizations and costumes. Also Fall Guys Hack Features helps you to speed up that process and get your unlocks even faster and faster reach the level you need. You are invincible with it.
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        I've heard about that game but never played. Is it worth it?