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What is the best arcade games for you and why?

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    I got a few pin ball machines needing repair

    no parts to fix them and yet I can’t part with them

    asteroids from Atari was a great game

    space invaders too


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      Samurai Showdown and Fatal Fury before they got released on Neo Geo console.

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        Several I can think of at the moment: The King of Fighters series, Fatal Fury series, Street Fighter series, Captain Commando, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Spin Master, Aero Fighters series, Metal Slug series... Maybe I am missing some...
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          duck hunt was a fun family game.


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            Originally posted by IceTrayDaGang View Post
            duck hunt was a fun family game.
            Homie I got Atari 64
            And Sega in the box

            i got tokens from Chuck E. Cheese
            I like pin ball
            I’m trying to buy one


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              Spawn in The Deamons hand but only if 4 individual cabinets linked. 4 man deathmatch was some of the best times in an arcade

              Powerstone 2 or Marvel vs Capcom 2 for fighting

              Beat mania for music

              Initial D 7 or Daytona USA for racing


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                Originally posted by Cherokee40 View Post
                What is the best arcade games for you and why?

                I play Super Mario until now the best arcade games for me.
                agreed... i miss the old video games.. it's so much easier to play.... i played call of duty once and got a headache from it.


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                  Gyruss. Great music and it was the only machine at the pizza parlor for my entire childhood.


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                    Do they even have arcade video games anymore? The only ones I see are remnants from over a decade ago; I haven't seen any new video arcade games. I went to a Dave and Busters a few years ago and I had no clue what any of those arcade games were. I feel like arcade games are dying over in Japan too, I remember reading that the building SEGA dedicated for their arcades, SEGA decided to not renew their contract or lease or something.


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                      Space invaders
                      time crysis
                      pac man
                      Bust a move
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