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What is the best arcade games for you and why?

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    civ 6 and the series. so many wringles. diff playing styles. mods. difficulty. very nice.


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      Punch out and Ring King


      Because it's boxing and boxing simply kicks ass!................Rockin'


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        Originally posted by miiaasmith
        Here are some games that I liked to play:
        -Donkey Kong
        -Bubble Bobble
        Bubble Bobble FTW.


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          Pong Atari I’m old
          I bought a pin ball machine

          there are a few spots that you can play pin ball
          usually the carnies —- guys who are convicts who


          I go to places and come up on fireworks unsafe and insane

          i shot my HK 91 and I tit a pole(wood ) that .308 kicks up dust


          m4 is a toy gun my family


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            double dragon and contra.. then later on came street fighter. im not much of a gamer but those were the games i enjoy playing growing up.


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              I probably spent the most time playing SF2 and Samurai Showdown on the arcade. Oh and Fatal Fury.


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                Pong and space invaders any Atari or pin balll stuff


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                  Originally posted by IceTrayDaGang View Post
                  double dragon and contra.. then later on came street fighter. im not much of a gamer but those were the games i enjoy playing growing up.
                  I’ll pay good real money for a few pinball machines.
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                    Street fighter. It was the only game I was somewhat good at


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                      Starting in June of last year all the way up to mid November I caught the Arcade 1up bug and went down the rabbit hole. Got a little pool house in the backyard with 8 arcade cabinets, wish I could find a buyer to take some of them off my hands that I bought impulsively (mainly Terminator 2 arcade shooter and the Simpsons arcade beat-em up).

                      I love arcades...but this is the first time in years where I look back and realize how utterly obsessed I got with collecting these things. I stopped when I was able to find the one I wanted all along: Marvel vs.Capcom.

                      It's a shame what's happened with the arcade scenes that most of us knew and grew up on in the 80's. Places like Aladdin's palace and other places were really a hub for those looking to play a better game than those they could find at home when it was just NES/Atari/Coleco.

                      Sure, you have some cookie cutter arcades like Chuck E. Cheese's (for kids' birthdays) or Dave and Buster's, but these are primarily prize-focused with a more circus-y or "day at the fair" type of approach. It's been years since I've stepped into a grungy arcade joint.

                      As much as arcade lovers tend to look at arcade with rose-tinted glasses, the fact of the matter these places are just not viable anymore nor do those games hold attention because of how tame they seem unless they're score-based/old-fashioned skill-based games (top down bullet hell shooters/PACMAN/GALAGA).

                      Fighting game hubs are where it's at, though. Way back in 2014 I was in Korea and they had a room packed with what could've been 24-32 arcade cabinets, all of them Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I sat down and played a while and apparently it was the stomping grounds for world-class Korean Tekken players. They even had a trophy stand for the EVO trophies and medals they had collected in years prior. It's worrying when even a dedicated fervent arcade community like that ends up fading in the rapidly changing technological landscape (Green Arcade closed 4 or 5 years ago unfortunately).

                      Beat-em ups are fun as hell, but when you have unlimited continues, it kinda' takes away from the thrill.

                      Not saying I'd rather have more arcades than gaming console improvements, but it's kind of a shame that the by-product of improved home consoles ousted arcades and their practicality. Why drive all the way out somewhere, spend $5-$10 for maybe 30-45 minutes at best when you could just pay $500 for a console upfront and have unlimited and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of play?

                      Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and weep.
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