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Steam Deck, Valve's new portable gaming device.

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  • Steam Deck, Valve's new portable gaming device.

    The Steam Deck is basically Valve's version of the Nintendo Switch. It comes out in December.

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    The hardware seems like a decent know, if they included the dock, which they don't. So once you get that it's kind just...normal.

    Software is **** on stick

    Linux is terrible for compatibility so if you want to lose a good portion of your library right off the top switch to Steam OS.

    Out of what works, what works bug-free or as good as it works on Windows is even less.

    Out of what works as well as it does in Windows even less works that well without requiring a Windows emulation underlayer to make it work.

    So, really, I might pick one up but also might just build a better one for the same kind of money.

    That said, TBF to them, win10 is **** on a stick too. I'm still on 7/Mint dual-boot. So, if you want 100% compatibility on a new-ish rig you need win10 and all the extra bull**** win10 has to have. Like 100 gigs of nonsense...I'm exaggerating but really if you look into it I don't reckon it's that huge an exaggeration. maybe closer to 40gb is correct...but still...****. So for up-to-date systems you got your choice from a power whore to a dumb ***** that don't understand what to do.

    No one has a good PC solution for video games anymore. I'll stick to dows because windows has got all the programs and Linux just doesn't. For example I dev OpenBOR games. ****ty ones but I do it. I have BORtools and **** like that, the bats for compression and such. Those are Windows tools. I can play and make BOR games for Linux but all the tools are for Windows so I'd either have to re-create those tool or take the long way and do stuff the way dudes did it before the tools were created. That's one example, I have an open-engines thread if you're curious about engines but I'll tell you now most are windows based just like most everything else.

    So take this hardware and get like 1/3 of your power nerf'd by win10, or 1/3 of your libraray nerf'd by steamos, or put on win7 and get mostly the best of both worlds while being locked out of anything too new. No good solution...