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Fight night round 4 online sucks!!!!!

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  • Fight night round 4 online sucks!!!!!

    I thought the point of getting rid of the buttons was to stop the "button mashers"??? Well after doing away with the parry system as well EA opened the flood gates.

    I'm so upset I don't know where to start so I'm just going to ramble. Try and stay with me.

    EVERY player online just throws 1,000's of punches and there is nothing you can do about it. Try and step back, counter, and throw a couple power punches?? Never happen, that person mashing their stick is going to disrupt that punch and you never get it off. There's no parry so you can't even make them pay for throwing the same punch 50 times in a row!!! (And by the way this was the Number 1 player on XBOX 360 with a record of 45-3, but every player I've faced has been like this) They've turned every fighter on the game into a Joe Calzaghe clone!!! Millions of punches and no need for precision.

    There are 3 weight classes in online....3! So you better pick the biggest, hardest puncher so you stand a chance. Might as well have no reason to put the smaller guys in that weightclass in there. Every guy is about the same speed anyways...

    I don't know....i'm just pissed. They got half the game right.....but why the **** couldn't they see that they've made it impossible to play the game like a true boxing game. The stick mashers in this game are a million times worse than any button mashers. And the sad thing about it is you have to play like that just to keep up.

    This sucks.

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    Aww ****.

    Can't you keep them away with the jab? Or defend until they tire out?

    Or does the stamina go down too slow?


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      just clinch, push and go to the body. a few rounds thru they will slow down and u can take them out. rope-a-dope em or something.


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        Theres no parry but there is a counter system. Dont you know how to dodge a punch and return a shot?


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          i was just about to leave the house and go pick the game up, but i said " let me check boxingscene to see if anyone has already bought it ". im glad i did. im gonna rent it first. and why the hell is there only 3 weight classes on line.


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            damn this sounds bad... it is kinda fast paced and seems almost impossible to keep distance and box. fight night round 3 was better for that


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              Originally posted by robjr View Post
              damn this sounds bad... it is kinda fast paced and seems almost impossible to keep distance and box. fight night round 3 was better for that
              u can slow the pace down though with sliders, cant u agree on those things for online fights aswell? eighter way i dont think we can fully trust a guy whos complaining about the parry system being gone.


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                Also do you know how to bob & weave efficiently? If not, practice it. I played my friend who constantly spammed but I just bob & weaved which I've gotten very good at, uppercut, and attack the body (which takes more stamina away) and that's all there was too it. Also use push effectively and haymaker away to the body.
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                  I found it pretty awesome, I find it really easy to win against those types of people. Just counter over and over and over. Always results in a KO down the line, cause theres no precsion. I have faced a few guys that have stayed back and tried to counter though, which I find it harder to face though guys though cause I don't like moving forward.


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                    It just means you dont know how to fight those guys.