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This is a group for the exterme boxing fan. I want guys who eat sleep and **** boxing. Posters who are eager to mix it up on the forums and on the show. Guys who are not afraid to hear others out and dabate logically. Posters who throw up a blog or two every once in a while. Most of all cool cats who just want to be active and talk boxing. To apply for membership hit Horus, Burner or LEFTY up...
108 92 946 0
03:30 AM
We are a group who resists against racism, hate, and bigotry here on this diverse boxing forum. We will band together to make sure racist the Alt Right Neo Nazis do not get to spread their bigoted hate speech on this great, diverse forum. Remember, if you see something racist use the report function! It's very easy and it's anonymous.
1 0 0 0
A group for Errol Spence supporters
14 1 2 6
04:38 PM
This is not just a social group this is family..No one is above the other..our unity is our power.This is a place we can unite and talk boxing,personal issues..and life in general... Remember...FAMILY FIRST...thats our modo.. whatever any of ya'll need dont ever hesitate to pm me whats mine is yours..peace and love..larry x....
39 44 360 9
For all the Jon Bones Jones fans!
14 1 7 0
04:00 AM
Keeping eachother in the loop
4 13 48 0
We remember Samurai, a deceased member.
42 8 41 0
07:39 PM
Over 50 group, back in the day boxing fans
3 0 0 0
For those who like livin trashy, that's all it is.
21 2 192 0
09:46 PM
13 4 15 5
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