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Here is something you can't comprehend.............
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Only The Best!
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06:30 PM
We love our country and constitutional rights. Limp dick liberals and other American haters need not join, only to shoot themselves with a winchester they do not have. We are the true sons of the founders of this country. You can pry our guns, NFL, and manlihood from our cold, dead hands.
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07:38 PM
May the Force of the Stick be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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06:13 AM
All Calzaghe fans welcome.
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06:34 PM
Seriously, go **** yourself.
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Discuss all the latest excuses by Floyd Mayweather and the Mayweather camp why they wont face the TOP Welterweights. Team Mayweather Selects Latest Excuse To Duck Cotto 24.04.08 - By Scoop Malinowski: Team Mayweather has floated several different excuses and reasons to duck Miguel Cotto in the past but this week, probably after extremely careful deliberation, they've come out and settled on one - that Cotto lacks enough star power to interest Floyd.. Leonard Ellerbe said to the New York Post: "I think Cotto is a good fighter who's definitely improving. His promotional company has done a good job in getting the right type of fights to increase his visibility. But he's still not there yet. The numbers don't lie. If nobody's watching him as evidenced by the ratings, what makes him important? I'm not saying he's a bad fighter. He's a good fighter. But he's obviously not on Floyd's level because nobody's watching." "It took Floyd nine years to get on pay-per-view," Ellerbe said....
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Everybody on the Scene thats Ballin outta control, SON.
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Left handed boxers
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02:51 PM
A group dedicated to pushing PBF to fight the real contenders at welterweight.
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11:54 PM
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