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Just a spot where Boriqua's can come and unite and support eachother in any questions they have...Share information with eachother and want to make this about giving eachother alot of information on Puerto Rock fighters...
17 1 8 10
10:41 PM
This is a group for the exterme boxing fan. I want guys who eat sleep and **** boxing. Posters who are eager to mix it up on the forums and on the show. Guys who are not afraid to hear others out and dabate logically. Posters who throw up a blog or two every once in a while. Most of all cool cats who just want to be active and talk boxing. To apply for membership hit Horus, Burner or LEFTY up...
108 91 945 0
09:51 PM
If you are a "King" Arthur Abraham, join us.
27 4 17 2
11:23 AM
e-millionaires group international being a part of this group makes you a beneficiary of 1mil e points allowance every month. great for boxing fans and great for making wagers. so, if you are a boxing enthusiast, enjoys your e points, and with great personality.... this is the place to be..... WELCOME!
12 2 7 0
04:50 PM
Fighting E-Thugs and PBF NutHuggers!
16 1 10 1
03:01 PM
Members must worship the ground Boss Lady walks on.
4 4 15 0
Lounge Gambinos was created by Libido Sanchez and I. It consists of Lounge Rats spitting fire in the lounge.
11 3 42 0
1 0 0 0
Rep. Power Hitter
30 2 8 0
06:59 PM
Adrien "The Problem" Broner group page. Anyone CAN join, MexiCANS, AfriCANS, AmeriCANS all welcome.
6 1 1 3
09:47 AM
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