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There's a new sheriff in town.
5 0 0 0
I'm building a new force to reckon with in BS, everybody who supports Miguel Cotto is accepted. American, Puerto Ricans, Mexican, Italian, German, French, African, Asian, etc,... Contrary to the others mafias, this one is international and is looking for global world domination.
55 6 11 1
12:46 AM
Bueno mi gente, Aqui hablaremos solo del boxeo boricua. Hablaremos del pasado, presente y del futuro. Se puede hablar ingles tambien. Como quiera.
23 12 69 18
Triple G Good Boyin' 4 life
90 8 36 6
09:38 PM
Basically a group for all Gennady Golovkin fans. We will be his army hence GGG-Unit.
6 0 0 0
Вентилятор группы для сибирских боксер Ruslan ProvodniKKov
27 1 12 0
11:55 AM
Carl Froch is a credit to boxing. Join if your a fan.. Everybody is Welcome! [ except haters ]
24 1 3 0
A group to give the word "****" a deeper and positive definition. We are Cvntards and we will take over the Cvnting forum as a Cvnt gang. Try not to get sucked into insulting family members or racism etc... those wannabe ****s try to bait!
46 7 75 2
If you were invited to this group, then you are a terrible poster. All the times you have trolled, all of your sh*t posts, every good thread you ruined. Here it is, your hard work has paid off. You are one of Boxingscene's most infamous posters, you are a parasite, a virus, a trojan, a worm all rolled in to one...We are, The Worst of Boxing Scene. Note: The best boxingscene posters can not be invited.
15 1 6 0
This group is for Christians and anyone whos interested in becoming one. In this group we can spread the good word and share our experiences and break throughs.
21 8 36 4
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