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Paul "The Punisher" Williams. Anyone, Anytime, Anyweight!!! Pwill is a beast. Real fight fans can't help but luv watchin this guy. Always comes to fight, always makes it excitin, always hungry for the best comp. Whatever your thoughts on him are, feel free to voice em in here.
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a place where quality posters acquainted with boxing's history can share their views on today's boxers and or how they relate to boxing's rich history.
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11:08 AM
I rarely see daylight.
18 4 65 0
if i turned into a zombie everyone would be ****ed
9 2 5 0
Made to show support to boxings undefeated undisputed Middleweight Champion of the world... Also because I want to talk trash about Joe CalSlappy ducking and dodging of the Powerful Pavlik.
19 1 62 5
11:31 AM
Reppin da TRUE P4P king, Fighter of the Decade, only 8 division world champ in history. More lineal titles than anyone in history. Only the truest most hardcore Pac fans allowed. This group will be carefully selected because of your P4P posting abilities. Haters will get Hattoned
29 4 21 0
05:23 AM
New king of WW, nobody is safe. Only 50% of his victims at WW make it out alive, Floyd and Pac are feather fisted no-hopers. Get in here while the Magic man is on fire! If you disagree, you don't know shyt about boxing!
4 1 6 0
12:13 AM
Not your fanboy group....just talk good boxing. Do you know of prospects no one heard of? Topics that are not tiresome??
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Dedicated to vowing never to date and or have sex with these fat ungodly creatures
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This group is for the fans of the teams that call the New York Metropolitan area home. Yanees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, Liberty! Show your support for the home teams here!
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