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What do you fill your heavy bag with?

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  • What do you fill your heavy bag with?

    Hey everyone, just here to offer suggestion just in case you are currently looking for proper material to fill a heavy bag with and am curious what you have used in the past for it as well.

    So many people say sand and rags or towels, but the downside I have heard is that everything settles in the bottom or you get random hard spots that are difficult to work through to soften that area again. After browsing through the local Lowes and Home Depot stores I came across rubber mulch that I bought for $7 per 20 lbs bag. I got 4 of those and filled up my empty canvas bag to the top to make an 80 lbs bag.

    After several months of pounding the tar out of said heavy bag there are no hard spots, the larger rubber chunks do not settle and compact in the same way that sand does. And if by some chance it does compact somewhat (this happens every 2 or 3 months with daily use) but it still feels soft enough to hit and to de-compress the rubber just tip the bag upside down and shake it for a minute or so, good as new.

    After using rubber mulch and having owned sand filled heavy bags in the past I can tell you this. It feels stronger and mores resistant because the rubber does not shift easily, punching the bag feels much closer to hitting a person due to the slight give that rubber has, evenly distributes throughout the bag and leaves no random hard or soft spots to discover later, 80 lbs(4 bags) of rubber mulch fills out the bag completely. After using it for a few months buy another bag and stuff the top section with a little more to even it out if it settles a little. I have been able to hit the bag as hard and as fast as I need to during the heavy interval times in my workouts without any worry of injury so long as I wrap properly thanks to the more consistent resistance of the rubber.

    Hope my little description of my experience with rubber mulch in a canvas heavy bag helped someone in their bag filling quest of searching for stuff to fill with.

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    Once or twice a week drop the bag and turn it upside down for a day or two or over night. This way it might have a change to redirect some of the stuffing falling to the bottom to fall back to the top.


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      sea sand...........


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        i used sand and stuffing.

        when the sand setteled, id leave it there and fill the bag up with more sand, when that sand settleded id leave it there and fill it up with more sand.

        eventually i ended up with a bag that was 10% stuffing and 90% sand.

        don't have a problem with random hard spots as the whole bag is solid as a bag of concrete.

        Rubber mulch is a good idea.