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    Originally posted by P to the J View Post

    If your perception there’s accurate, then that is a surprise. More than likely ignorance then, but I wonder how many are saying this after facing a top level amateur vs. all the statements made before??

    Really, even more astonished at Abel Sanchez saying this. I’m sure Golovkin was in the amateur game for a long time
    lol Yeah. I know. Able Sanchez (and maybe I'm wrong) sees boxing one way and one way only: Mexican Style. He's critical of Golovkin becoming more of a boxer now with Jonathan Banks. He says it's a mistake, that it is as if Golovkin's a tiger trying to become a wolf. It won't work. It's ridiculous. He says that Golovkin fights good only by coming forward and pressuring. Maybe that's only in regard to Golovkin but he seems to have this philosophy in general, that if you fight going backward, then you're a wuss and destined to get ran over. (I'm paraphrasing but that's the general meaning I've getting from him.)

    Also, these guys who are critical have never learned to fight that way, so like you mentioned, it's associated with experiences with amateur fighters or it's just viewed as amateur, that your punches aren't damaging and you just punch to score points, not to put the hurt on. Yeah. It's like you said; it's likely ignorance.
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