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Comments Thread For: Hearn Backs Andy Ruiz To Beat Deontay Wilder, Become a Force at Heavyweight

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    Originally posted by Apollo7 View Post
    I wouldn't be at all surprised if Ruiz beat Wilder, wasn't Wilder dropped by a fat guy before? Ruiz is tough, skilled and has fast hands. Wilder had the range and that right hand always gives him a chance against anybody but he's a really flawed boxer.
    I bet wilder won't get dropped 4 times and quit in the corner.


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      Look at you clowns Eddie Hearn runs his mouth to continue to throw dogs off the scent and you fools go for it hook, line, and sinker.


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        Don't mind the idiot the hate on hearn is too much
        Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post
        What is Hearn promoting ?


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          You lack common sense, he wasn't asked back then idiot
          Originally posted by IronDanHamza View Post
          Yeah.... Because AJ lost to Ruiz thatís why.

          Whatever Hearn said to spin Ruiz being a good opponent for AJ is irrelevant. He didnít say Ruiz would beat Wilder back then.

          Heís saying it now after AJ lost to Ruiz and that is the sole and only reason heís saying it.


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            Originally posted by IronDanHamza View Post
            Because he beat AJ

            Itís unlikely isnít it.

            Ruiz is a decent fighter but thatís as far as it goes. Heís fat, and does nothing overly well other than having very fast hands for a man as obese as he is.
            What does that say about the other HW's if he is just a decent and obese fighter? It says Fury is afraid to clean up the division before he retires. AJ doesn't want to fight him a third time. If he is so good why doesn't he clean up the division? And Wilder he is just doing nothing and consider him retired. So who does that leave in the HW division that has fought anyone of significance? Yea, just a fat guy who is only decent. So what does that say about the HW's?


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              Ruiz -Wilder is 50 -50 fight.