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Why AJ vs Fury is more lucrative than Mayweather vs Pacman

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    Originally posted by WBC WBA IBF
    You're wrong. No other market is willing to spend $75-100 for a PPV. The revenue a huge US PPV can generate can't be matched elsewhere.
    So you remember when you used to argue wilder was the best in the world and everyone should be in Americaa, because while he number one the US is where the money is?
    Now you've had to turn your tune I see and just take wilder out the argument. Haha


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      won't be happening in this pandemic time.


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        No. Mayweather and Pacman were superstars and well known throughout the world more than AJ and Fury.

        I like to give HWs the benefit of the doubt because no division has been more glamorous than HW. Big HW fights always sell well.

        But Fury hasn't been in spotlight quite as long and Joshua has the look of a star, but has the personality of a cardboard box.


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          WTF? Not Even Close!

          Now I do think AJ vs Fury will be more entertaining in the ring for sure because it is Heavyweights
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            It's not quite that big but the world will be watching despite what some people here are saying.


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              I'm confused by talking about Money, who was the highest earner in all of sports period, then claiming Americans are not the highest earners....what?

              2020's highest is about 100mil shy of May in 2018.......what about making money in Europe?

              I don't know why y'all are always so jealous and try to sell some idea that's well ****ing stupid solely based on you wish your **** was like ours....why? What good do I get out of Money making 100 mil more than the top Euro two years later? What do you get out of pointing out America doesn't really have a sports star atm?

              It's ****ing weird.


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                Lol, I don't know why anyone (not profiting directly from the event) would care about which fight is more lucrative. I bet it'll be more entertaining, and that's all that should really matter.


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                  While I doubt it does that well (I hope it does), it's the most lucrative fight that can be made right now.


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                    I'm actually leaning on the fight potentially being a flop. Not an out and out flop, it can easily do at least 1.8m+ buys but I mean in terms of how much of an effect it has on the global boxing landscape and how much revenue it generates outside the UK.

                    Firstly, Fury (whilst clearly the most talented guy in the division) is too inconsistent and will likely need another performance before jumping in for the big one. Who will this be? Is it Wilder? If so then a future undisputed could be an even bigger money spinner having drawn even more American eyes by beating an American fighter emphatically.

                    If not? Then it will likely be another one of Fury's bumfight's against guys like Pienetta, Wallin or Schwarz. If he blows them out of there it may turn off those who continually question Fury's commitment to competitive fights (which I think is a tad unfair, Fury's record is not THAT bad and having Wilder, Wlad, Hammer and Chisora..twice in some cases is hardly anything to be ashamed of), if not, then it may make the undisputed fight look more competitive. And Joshua? Joshua is damaged goods. People don't really know it yet, but his last PPV did about 600k buys. LONG from the days he was doing 1.2-1.6 million against the likes of Takam. The two Wilder/Fury fights and the loss to Ruiz did a lot of damage to those who seem him as competitive. The UK diehards will no doubt tune in (they'll happily watch Joshua fight a can of sardines) but to anyone in the States, he's simply not deemed the "true" champion. If he had fought a couple times in LV had a string of solid wins over some PBC guys there/Wilder then this would have likely have been a far bigger affair over there.

                    It all depends though, when looking at the last undisputed heavyweight fight back in 1999, both Tyson and Lewis had a warm-up fight in September against some C-level opponents. Holyfield had also lost three times prior, but those names were Michael Moorer and Riddick Bowe. Hardly also rans. He had also come off of defeats over Moorer, and ATG's Tyson and Foreman. Lewis also had already lost to McCall but had already won a rematch and had some solid names on his record as well.

                    I think the greatest issue is how competitive the fight is deemed. Today's heavyweight landscape is far, far weaker than it was in the 90s and I'm not sure if that will play into general interest.
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                      Originally posted by WBC WBA IBF
                      Mayweather-Pacquiao did $72 million in ticket sales and $450 million in US PPV revenue.

                      In what universe is Saudi Arabia going to pay a $500 million site fee?!
                      They would get 75-80% of $450million in site fee from what I heard.

                      And they have US PPV as well.

                      If I'm gambling, I'd put a wager for it to be pretty close or more than May vs Pac