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Comments Thread For: Ioka's Trainer is Proud of His Performance, Hints Retirement Could Be Soon

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    Originally posted by FinitoxDinamita View Post
    This fight was the perfect example why I love the lower weight division. Fists fly and skills are displayed in these classes. Fuk the HWs.

    Ioka has always been badass and I hope to see him face the other top guys of the division or move up for Inoue!
    Yeah yeah yeah, but he is quiet about facing The Best Fighter In Boxing Juan Francisco Estrada ...John Francis Estrada is an Honorary Texan


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      Great fight! Thoroughly appreciated the skill displayed throughout. If any trainers are trying to show young boxers how to dictate a fight and move your opponent backward by using distance and positioning and by not even throwing a punch, study that fight. The foot work and distance was a thing of art. No wasted punches but plenty thrown. Just a damn goid fight.


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        They all avoided and afraid of Donnie Nietes.