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Let's face it, Crawford is ducking Spence by wanting a 50/50 split.

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  • Let's face it, Crawford is ducking Spence by wanting a 50/50 split.

    How does he deserve a 50/50 split vs someone who is significantly a bigger draw than him????

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    Originally posted by mcdonalds View Post
    How does he deserve a 50/50 split vs someone else his significantly a bigger draw than him????

    I can respect 50/50, but Bud is asking for 60/40 which is crazy.


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      Nobody is "Ducking"!

      You don't become one of the best P4P only to bow down to your competition and just accept whatever offer Spence Jr Throws him like some Submissive little B^tch! He Should feel like he deserves just as much if not more!

      Bud Contract is up October 2021 so lets see what decision he makes. He knows what he has to do to make these fights happen and he recently said it himself that Pacquiao and Spence Jr fight can be made without Top Rank! So we shall see! If he re-signs with Top Rank again then it is nothing more to be said about this fight and it would be time to move on from it!


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        from the other thread.....

        that wankery... is fine

        but Crawford is the best welter

        if Errol "precious" Spence is not happy about that... then he knows what to do

        that fight should obviously be 50/50... because...

        FACT: Spence is not a superstar... or even close... so he should attempt to become one with Crawford

        SAME with Crawford

        that kinda talk from fighters is fkn lame... even more so from fans

        they could simply fight for 50/50... 1) no harm done... 2) problem solved

        this post may not be popular in this thread... but it will be the most accurate


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          Crawford ain't ducking. How is he ducking when he is superior in skills and is a very competitive guy? Crawford has move up and being a champ at multiple weight classes and he was an undisputed champ. Spence has never accomplished those 2 things. Crawford has also been on a KO streak ever since he moved up to 147 ibs. He beat jeff horn who has a win over pacquiao, he made amir khan quit and he beat kell brook far more easily than spence did. Crawford thinks he is the A-side. What's wrong about being assertive about your value? He is an accomplished fighter who isn't going to be treated as some chump.
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