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  • Comments Thread For: Video: Showtime Releases Trailer For Documentary 'Ringside'

    SHOWTIME has released the official trailer and poster for its upcoming award-winning documentary RINGSIDE, premiering on Friday, June 12 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT. Filmed over the course of nine years by award-winning director Andre Hrmann, RINGSIDE chronicles the dramatic upbringing of two boxing prodigies and follows the divergent paths they take as they navigate life's uncertainties on the South Side of Chicago.
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    This looks interesting.


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      Poverty and drug abuse are causing too many of the youth to be lost.

      If the politicians can't or won't fix the problem then the people have to get together to do something about it.


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        Yeah. I'll be interested to see that. Good for them at going to the bigger picture - boxing is so often at the pulse of a lot of relevant social concerns, and is a compelling way to view them.


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          Looks Good!

          Speaking of Boxing Documentary, Michelle Rosado aka Raging Babe produced a excellent Documentary about "Boxing Moms" I really enjoyed this one as well. Really rooting for the Adorno Brothers after seeing that Documentary!
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            Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
            Poverty and drug abuse are causing too many of the youth to be lost.

            If the politicians can't or won't fix the problem then the people have to get together to do something about it.
            Politicians can never solve these things. The best you can hope for are men and women who at least care being in office who do not exploit the situation.

            It will take fellow human beings taking an interest and deciding to make a difference, and this looks like the kind of documentary that can raise that kind of interest. I have always been amazed, and a little terrified, how a very small amount of time can dictate a young woman or young man's future. Miss that window, and they end up a statistic.

            I hope that Showtime has a winner here, and it reaches some boxing fans who get invested in altering those statistics.


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              Today is the day! This looks pretty good.

              And as far as politicians fixing anything, representatives tend to not represent, senators tend to act as ministers and presidents too often fail to preside. The way anything resembling change is effected is through grassroots movements that capture the national attention and have a central nervous system.

              Sometimes these movements require the right environmental situations to birth such a movement, as we have seen occurring in the nation. We had tensions with authority, with the pandemic and the following restrictions of freedom imposed by the lockdown. Then there was the economic collapse causing a spike in unemployment, followed by a recession. And with embers burning and racial tensions brewing (only one "tension" of many), the George Floyd incident was the dry wood that caused the bonfire. All the ingredients were there to take us to this place we are now. And it's possible that from the place we are now, something better can happen for those of us who are marginalized by society.

              To paraphrase a band I listened to as a kid, "[marginalized] people don't stay [marginalized] for long; they get hope from smoke and fire as the weak grow strong."

              So will things change? It's possible, but really, the only way events such as these work to cause meaningful change is when there is a smart, charismatic leader (or several) spear-heading the "charge." Without a head to the body, the body runs around in circles as if decapitated.

              You have to have a Martin Luther King, Jr. You have to have a Gandhi. You have to have a Joan of Arc, a Nelson Mandela. Even an Adolf Hitler because, as horrendous of a ruler as he was, he mobilized a people into a singular focus.

              That's why the movement we are seeing now is doomed to fizzle and fail. It will have some effect but nothing comparable to the Civl Rights Movement. It doesn't have someone like a Martin Luther King, Jr. to focus it into being impactful and lasting. (Maybe time will tell.)

              Regardless, history shows that whatever happens, somehow humanity ends in the same place where it started, one way or another. The poor always outnumber the wealthy, the powerful overpower the rest, and greed dominates generosity. Perhaps little changes over time will eventually become a big change, but the way the system works, it is extremely hard to prevent others from repeating the past. People seem to go into the fray with good intentions, and then become as corrupt as those they condemned as being corrupted.

              Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent. I hope I get to see this documentary tonight.