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Comments Thread For: Haney On Lomachenko: I Will Never Lose To A White Boy In My Life

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  • Lomachencko will show you

    There's absolutely no place in professional boxing for that type moronic talk. As a former fan, I hope Lomenchenko make you eat your words. Black, white or whatever. Any person of any race can get knocked out by person of another race. Mind, heart, and skills is what wins in boxing not idiotic school yard talk. We came to far in this country for this type of talk in boxing. You're no role model for our youth. You're a moron.


    • dont compare this to Hopkins man. Hopkins was an OG triple OG when he made his comment. this kid is still in diapers. do not compare the two. Haney has not earned enough stripes to be talking like this. Hopkins was already a cemented legend when he was knocked out the ring at age 83 lol. not excusing it but there's levels to this


      • I'm a black guy and honestly there is a thing about not wanting to lose to a white guy in the ring or trying extra hard to beat him down. I've seen it in gyms all my life.

        No hate but as Larry Holmes said when fighting Cooney "Boxing is the only place a blk man can beat down a white man and he cant call the cops"

        Or something like that. Trust me that's probably one of the reasons Wilder want a rematch with fury ASAP


        • Originally posted by milkey1 View Post

          Black males also make up 6 percent of US population and responsible for 50 percent plus of homisides
          Fk me

          We must be killing morning noon n night lol.

          Tell me what was the race of mass shooter in Canada who killed 16 ppl last night ?