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Do YOU see nationality/race in boxing?

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    I see individuals.

    I think people who are into team sports, try and transfer those behaviors and project them into individual sports 'I have predominately throughout my life participated and followed more passionately individual sports'.

    When you are supporting a individual athlete there is more loyalty involved, and deep introspect. You see people coming and going through all the highs and lows, most of these people 'Are glory hunters, they see race, they see nationality' But they do not see the struggle, they cannot sense it 'That part of their make up has gone, it has been conditioned out of them'. Because that is what main stream team sports has done to society, in order for anyone to follow a team fanatically within Soccer or the NFL 'You automatically have to lose some morals inside of yourself'. YOU have to devolve back into tribalism, and group think on a mass scale.


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      Absolutely. I live in reality

      The rest of the world does.

      You think lotta foreign boxing superstars would be as big as they are if the rest of the globe werenít boxing nationalists

      Acting like a borderfree globalist **** is an Anglo fantasy


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        All else being equal I rather root for an American than a foreigner

        But I’ll take the foreigner over the American based on styles

        Like Fury over Wilder


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          Since race is discussed constantly, yes.


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            Originally posted by Black Jesus View Post
            Why else do they sing national anthems at every fight?
            Why is there a 'Mexican style' of fighting?
            Why are caucasion fighters automatically catapulted to the top of the ratings?
            Why does LDBC exist ?


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              Originally posted by tritium_arma View Post
              I do not but many others do. It's a natural reaction. Just look at Danny Garcia failing at Spanish so he could get in the Puerto Rican audience.
              Lmao is there any footage ?


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                Originally posted by Italian-Mexican
                If it's a fight between a Non-black and a black, I always root for the Non-black.

                If it's a fight between two blacks, I hope they kill each other like they do everyday in America.
                And there it is.
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                  Yes because Iím not naive, delusional or blind.

                  Do I give a fucc though, no.

                  Iíd you a great boxer you could be as white as Loma, As black as Terrence Crawford Jr, light skinned Mexican like Canelo or dark skinned Nicaraguan like Chocolatito and Iím a huge fan.

                  Not noticing race is like being non gender conforming, itís BS and slap yourself for being so stupid.


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                    Nope i don't, if anyone check my history from 2005 until 2017 they would see that. But I have been made aware of it over the last 3 years by some of the posters on here. Especially the PBC/LDBC/Wilder followers on here. I use to see a bit of it when Pacman was at the height of his game and from some latino posters (Mexican or PR origin), then eastern European origin. But the surge since the Wilder thing started got worse not only on here but on social media, its loud and obnoxious too.