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Comments Thread For: Wilder Will Exercise Rematch Clause, Says Costume Weakened Legs

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  • Soldiers and Marines carry backpack the weigh between 30% to 50% of their body weight and often carry them for days at a stretch. Wilder should be able to handle the weight of the suit he used for his brief ring walk. What a poor and strange excuse.


    • Weak legs?

      So it was Wilder, not Fury, who was masturbating seven times per day prior to the fight...


      • Originally posted by SHO_RULEZ View Post
        Wilder talks about the weight of the costume on his legs? That concourse he walked through, to get to his dressing room, was like a mile long !

        Two rounds of the undercard fight, and he's STILL walking! No wonder he had no legs left! They should have had a golf cart there!
        That was bizarre as hell. You telling me they couldn't open some fire exits for him to get through quicker ?


        • I would have made him the exact same custome out of paper or pieces of light cardboard.

          I'm a papercraft artist.


          • He claims that Fury's punches were not damaging and blames his special costume, which he says weighed 40-pounds, weakened his legs as he walked down to the ring.

            40lbs weakened his legs!? Chicken-legged clown shouldn't have worn that foolish, gay knight-looking crap in the first place.


            • Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post


              • Originally posted by Patsfan bri View Post
                Well uummm, you see uuummm, itís kinda like uuummm, alright damn iit I cant defend it . The only thing I can say is that wilder genuinely thought he was the baddest man on the planet. The guy believes in himself so much that ya the moment he canít accept the loss. I think someday he will change his tune . At least in the post fight interview he did say that the best should be fighting the best and I agree with that 100%.
                So not even YOUR lips are strong enough to kiss wilders a s s right now?? Wow!!

                This post right here should make it clear to everyone, that wilder has turly hit rock bottom.

                Wow! Just wow!


                • Against The Ropes ATRboxinguk

                  Deontay Wilder confirms during a guest appearance on JoeRogan podcast in December 2018 that he specifically trains wearing a "45-pound vest" to carry extra weight to activate his "twitch muscles"

                  Bizarre then that his ring costume weighing an alleged 40 pounds is blamed?



                  • Originally posted by MDPopescu View Post
                    ... but Dempsey got tricked, as well, by a smarter boxer, tbh...

                    (now: not that I even compare Dempsey to this poor guy here...)
                    Ah, but the long count!!!


                    • Wilder should come out naked and twerk