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Comments Thread For: Wilder Will Exercise Rematch Clause, Says Costume Weakened Legs

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  • Out muscled, out fought, out punched n outclassed. One trick pony. All we need is the brits against each other


    • Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post
      Holy hell this is beyond terrible . Ha

      A true warrior doesn’t make excuses for losing a fight let alone blaming it on a costume, I’d like to see his fans on here in real life ,this is some scary stuff, Ha
      You're right but I was saying before this that it looked like his legs weren't there from the start of the fight. So that could well be the reason.


      • Wilder only lost because he sacrificed his legs for Black History Month

        If you think Fury won fair and square, youre a racist bigot nazi.


        • Whose fault is that? No one told you to wear that stupid ass costume

          A third fight right away is a fcking joke. I will have no part in watching it


          • Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

            Wilder vs Whyte would be a good fight to make right now in all honesty


            • Whack

              wilder was exposed, now everybody knows how to beat him. Simple, move your head, move to his right when he throws that frankenstein punch and counter (easy money). DON'T TAKE THE REMATCH WITH FURY, I'M TELLING YOU DON'T!


              • Deontay Wilder, the gift that keeps on giving.

                Keep 'em coming champ, you got legit excuse there.

                Personally, it could maybe have been.ghe costume, but my money is on the reason he lost might possibly have been due to the constant beating Fury was laying on him.

                Did you ever see a more scared deer in headlights ****house performance than what we witnessed Saturday night?

                Total fraud coward liar ducker. Can't stand the.lying sack of s**t.


                • Rematch? Rematch? What rematch? lol

                  The only rematch I see you winning easy is with

                  Charlie Zelenoff (AKA greatest of all time)

                  I'll pay for dat lol


                  • He should chill with these excuses its not a good look


                    • Re

                      Wilder talks about the weight of the costume on his legs? That concourse he walked through, to get to his dressing room, was like a mile long !

                      Two rounds of the undercard fight, and he's STILL walking! No wonder he had no legs left! They should have had a golf cart there!