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Comments Thread For: Wilder Will Exercise Rematch Clause, Says Costume Weakened Legs

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  • The funny thing about the costume excuse is he could have taken it off. He decided to wear it. He obviously had it custom made so would have spent a lot of time wearing it. The way he talks its like saying he was forced to wear it.

    As a fighter I respect Wilder but as a human being he should have accepted the beating he got. Be humbled by it and be a better person.

    His comments/excuses show to me his mental strength has totally gone. If there is a 3rd fight he won't be able to handle the build up. The media will destroy him before he has even got to the sit downs with Fury.


    • Originally posted by harry-greb View Post
      Jack Dempsey is turning in his grave
      ... but Dempsey got tricked, as well, by a smarter boxer, tbh...

      (now: not that I even compare Dempsey to this poor guy here...)


      • Very disappointed with Wilder here he was beaten by the much better man and his excuses are embarrassing.A big shout should go out to Mark who by doing the right thing has got him the sack.
        Who's Wilder kidding that he wasn't hurt he was smashed all over the ring and Richard Steel had only seconds before warned him that if he didn't do something he would stop the fight.Wilder has turned out to be a prat and that silly tart of his talking about a 'body' should be banned from any future fights as she clearly doesn't get it ......pair of thugs!


        • Hmmm even still, I don't buy it. I work out with a 10kg (22lb) vest in the gym for an hour and I'm around 155/160lbs. Walking around in it doesn't really affect me, it's only when I'm doing burpees etc.

          A dude as big and strong as him, 20kg shouldn't make that much difference. Especially when he's just walking around in it.


          • Originally posted by BillyBoxing View Post
            TBH , it goes farther than a simple beating.

            Since almost 2 years, Fury have been living rent free in WIlder's head.

            Wilder is a naive simple minded dude and Fury and his camp have been playing around with his intellect.
            Wilder is surrounded of yes men, it doesn't help.

            Wilder tried to hard to sound intersting and spiritual like Fury, ect...
            I dunno from where came that "black history stuff" with this "blac powa" entrance. It was very surprising and I think it didn't help Wilder.

            Fighting Fury already was too much of a task for WILDER, let alone carrying "black history" on his shoulders.
            This race thing was off, I dunno what it had to do with a boxing rematch, it's not like FUry was a KKK dude.

            White judges gave Wilder a gift decision in the first fight LOL
            Good post. I think Wilder wishes he was Fury. Did you see the pbc build-up when Wilder was singing and dancing around his camp?

            He's not that guy, he's just copying Tyson does.

            Rent free..


            • you really cant make this stuff up


              • Maybe coming in at 231 instead of 212 may have caused the stamina issues? He dropped Fury twice in the first fight 19 lbs lighter. Then add a 40 lbs suit to the ring entrance? So he came to the ring weighing 270-271??? Lol! Ok the excuse sounds stupid but that is a lot of extra weight for those skinny legs. Trying to outdo Fury on the ring entrance instead of concentrating on the fight. Sure sounds like Fury was in his head... Fury was relaxed the entire event while Wilder looked really tense. I think Fury has had Wilder beaten mentally since he rose from the 2nd KD in their first fight. Wilder needs to regroup, drop back down to 212-215 again & stay away from the media. Rest & get back to the gym & quit making excuses. Itís only one loss to the best HW on the planet. Next time come to the ring like Mike Tyson used to do with no costume just a shirt & ring attire. Wilder can never win the mental game with Fury or the war of words but what he can do is punch. He needs to work on his skillset more than anything.


                • This is the same guy who ripped Ruiz apart for saying that he partied too much pre the Joshua fight. Now, he's come up with a far worse and pathetic excuse.

                  I so much respect Joshua now. When you lose, lose like a man, give credit to whom credit is due, and go figure out a superior game plan!

                  I winder what he'll say next when Fury makes him bleed badly in the 3rd fight. And should he fire Breland, there won't be anyone sensible enough to throw in the towel, next time, and He'll be dismantled in a way that he'll never be able to box for 5 years


                  • Holy hell this is beyond terrible . Ha

                    A true warrior doesnít make excuses for losing a fight let alone blaming it on a costume, Iíd like to see his fans on here in real life ,this is some scary stuff, Ha


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