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Comments Thread For: Weights: Deontay Wilder 231-Pounds, Tyson Fury 273-Pounds

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    im going with the earlier assessment where both fighters will go for it from the opening bell. Wilder wants the cut open, Fury wants Wilder knocked down at least once before that happens...

    Wilder KO before 3. maybe before 2!?


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      Originally posted by Bronx23 View Post
      He lost roughly 140lbs in short time after after all that drinking and drug abuse how could he not be gassed? He shouldn't have even saw the 12th lol
      he did have 2 tune up fights before the wilder fight. Sugar Ray Leonard was out 3 yrs and not one tune up fight , fought and beat Marvin Hagler .


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        Originally posted by deathofaclown View Post
        Fury has never gassed, insane engine

        Fury is 273 but looks stronger than Iíve ever seen.

        Wilder is getting punished
        I like both these guys, and I think theyíve brought heavyweight boxing back to a level not seen in years. I consider this a difficult fight to predict, which is one of the great things about it, but I think Fury leaves no doubts this time. Tyson wins either by wide UD or late TKO.


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          Hagler vs Hearns style of fight please?


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            Originally posted by markther View Post
            1st fight weigh ins:

            Wilder: 212.5
            Fury: 256.5

            Difference in weight: 44 lbs

            2nd Fight weigh ins:

            Wilder: 231
            Fury: 273

            Difference in weight: 42 lbs

            Who has the advantage, Wilder who weighs 18.5 lbs more in the rematch than in their 1st fight or Fury who weights 16.5 lbs more in the rematch than in the 1st fight???
            Fury's extra weight looks more natural while Wilder seems to have added a lot of muscle.
            A large amount off extra muscle will definitely make him gas quicker and also slow his handspeed.
            Wilder relies heavily on speed for his power so it could actually make his punches have less snap not to mention slower.


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              Both men at the top of their game. Letís have an epic fight!


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                Originally posted by Slimpack View Post
                I see a draw here. This bout will be a repeat of the first. Nothing has really changed.
                If it goes to a draw Betonline is paying out +2000.

                If you're that confident bet $500 on it and get paid.


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                  Wilder has proven time and again that the weight don't matter, but at 230 ibs, I expect his power to be even scarier.


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                    Once again, Fury has a 40+ lbs advantage. Good for wilder coming in around 230, this should have been the case for a few years now. 209-212 was ridiculous


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                      Originally posted by Mushroom View Post
                      I didnít realise he weight so much against molina and Splizka. It means heís used to fighting around that weight weight
                      Yeah, I was surprised he had been that close to 230 as well. I think his ideal weight around 220 give or take a few pounds. In both the Spilzka and Molina fights he lost rounds before he got the stoppage (although that's most of his fights).