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Comments Thread For: Callum Smith Warns: Style-Wise - I'm a Bad Fight For Canelo

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    Says the guy who was gifted a decision his last fight.... You have Ryder problems you should worry about


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      Style wise canelo beats the p.i$$ outta Smith and Id actually enjoy watching it 😊


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        Originally posted by Divine Hammer View Post
        callum will need to ko canelo in order to win. he won't get a decision no matter what.
        I find it funny how clowns like you have to make an excuse for every Canelo win. Comes with being the face of the sport, Floyd: cherry picker, Pacquiao: steroids and Canelo I guess gets gift wins. Keep crying clowns


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          Nobody is beating Canelo at this point. Sorry mate.


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            What he is saying, if you read between the lines, is. He can run and dodge and slip and grab and clown for 12 rounds with Canelo. There are some places where that is important. Like home.


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              What's the matter with styles when you're getting truncated?


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                Praying his alphabet title gets him an undeserved payday.. Most importantly, MONEY-WISE you are an absolutely terrible fight for Canelo. He'd make more getting Groves out of retirement for a Battle of the Gingers fight. Smith needs to go after some of his peers and get a CV.


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                  You're a bad fight for everyone since you have no personality and bring zero excitement.


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                    Originally posted by 4truth View Post
                    You are exactly the kind of fighter Canelo preys on. With you the job is already half done as you are already drained making 168 before any special Canelo-clauses.
                    Excuses already being made...its hilarious.

                    Theres zero opponents Canelo can fight right now that WONT have a built-in excuse.

                    Beterbiev looks great but hes 34 years old feasting on lesser competition.

                    Bivol looks great but hes got no power and can be hurt

                    Smith is coming off a loss

                    BJS might as well be coming off a loss

                    GGG is old AF

                    Dervenchenko is damaged goods

                    Charlo lost to 44th ranked Korobov and just beat an unranked MW

                    Andrade is green, still, at 29 years old

                    Theres literally nobody for Canelo to fight. Might as well retire?

                    XD XD XD XD XD


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                      Originally posted by Jubei View Post
                      You're a bad fight for everyone since you have no personality and bring zero excitement.
                      Even his name leaves something to be desired