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  • 50 million is peanuts, Joshua just made 83 coming off a loss. Wilder made 5 and turned down $120 million.

    Use the calculator on your phone, do the math.

    Originally posted by SchoolTheseCats View Post

    Could post the multiple articles that nsb did on Hearn and Co turning down offer but that should do right there


    • Originally posted by Jkp View Post
      Lol. Exactly.
      Didn't take 120 million, didn't take 50% now the offer is off the table. Simple as that.


      • Wilder made 5 million in his last fight Joshua made 83 coming off a loss.

        Just in case you are wondering who the draw is...just say'n.

        Originally posted by Sayithowitisuk View Post
        Ruiz rattled Aj more than i thought.
        Didn't he notice he got rag dolled by a top 15 tune up.
        Has he ever even fought a top 2 or 3 fighter?

        I thought the loss would teach him humility. But Aj doesn't want to be the greatest. He wants to be the first billionaire boxer.

        I fear money & hearn has destroyed this lads boxing legacy in such a poor money first a side bs era.

        The top 2 are fighting again on the 22nd. When will the money man join the party? Looks to me like he's ageing Wilder. Waiting for someone to beat him first. Do his work for him.


        • Negotiations have not even started and he is already ducking with the negotiations claim.

          So much wanting to go into the history books or cry later that they tried everything possible to get the biggest names in the era at the right time.


          • Originally posted by Skinny kinny View Post
            That’s not true. A weaker PPV fight for Aj in the UK for example would be Pulev. A Pulev fight would probably generate 10 million in gate at a stadium plus a million PPV for about 25 million plus 5-10 million from the USA broadcasting group (DAZN or espn) and maybe some world fees. A total of about 40-45 million. A weaker wilder PPV vs say Ortiz. About 300,000 PPV for about 25 million about 7-8 thousand at the gate but a Vegas gouging the house 8-9 million gate. Then fox gets big commercial value and ratings out of their bs shoulder programming before the fights plus foreign broadcast rights so probably 4-5 million there. So a total of 35 to 40 million. So about a 5 million difference in a weaker fight. Not as much of a difference.
            In a bigger fight like Joshua Ruiz 2 you went to Saudi and got a big site fee like 80 million that includes gate then you got over a million PPV at a little higher price for say 30 million and 5-7 million broadcast rights internationally. You are looking at 115 million total.
            A big wilder vs fury PPV you are looking at say 500, 000 us PPV for around 38 million. Then UK PPV for probably around 1/2 million for 12 million then about 10-15 million for gate/site fee and probably 3-4 million. For a total of 65-70 million. The difference is the site fee from Saudi.
            If you keep it in England say Aj vs a Vlad. You are looking at 30 million in PPV 10-15 million in gate 10 million for international broadcast rights. You are looking at 55 million total.
            Sorry not the cash cow obvious advantage not there. To get the big bucks you got to hope wilder wins so you can do USA PPV ( Aj vs wilder might get the 1 million PPV) or find a sugar daddy to sport wash you the massive site fee
            So your going to compare Pulev to ortiz now? It’s a shame you guys devalue wilders only decent win.

            And then make up some numbers for Joshua which will be his worst for approx ten ish fights to even get numbers close ? Well I have some news for you, Joshua will probably make a significant amount more than you are estimating. Joshua Takam made 900k sales so you would assume that would be the low end of what he would sell ppv. That’s 22.5 mil pounds or close to 30 mil US dollars. That’s just for ppv in the uk. He generates big sales in numerous other countries now such is his following (it isn’t just uk or USA which watches him unlike fury and wilder)
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            • Originally posted by DaNeutral. View Post
              Outside of America you mean. The rest of the world snaps up Joshua fights. The universe does not revolve around America alone and the numbers in the states has lost it its Mecca status. You earn more and do better numbers in other countries now.

              Wilders had over 40 fights to prove hes a big fish in a big pond and his last fight bombed big time and the rumour is his next fight isnt going to do well. Yeah you see AJ as a big fish in a small pond but AJ is in the ocean, hes a world wide name. Wilder is a small fish that appears to be shrinking in a big pond.
              Okay 👌 cool tell Eddie to quit the DAZN gig and go home and stop sending us the IFL tv crap. Iím thinking there must be something here (money) that you guys want. Unfortunately itís a minority based boxing watching public here and you guys neither like or nor relate to any of it so itís probably not going to work out.


              • Originally posted by factsarenice View Post
                50 million is peanuts, Joshua just made 83 coming off a loss. Wilder made 5 and turned down $120 million.

                Use the calculator on your phone, do the math.
                Except Joshua didnít just make 83 million pocketbook watcher.... and you seem to always leave out the most important part of the 4 fight dazn deal, it wouldnít of happen as aj lost to butterbean 2.0


                • Originally posted by Vinnykin View Post
                  Get that tin-foil hat off and rejoin reality.

                  Ain't no chance Fury would ever throw a fight, not a snowball's chance in hell.
                  Fury makes no money in his fights, so the offer came to throw some fake fights with Wilder and he took it. Fury knows he can't beat Joshua and is not ready to cash out yet.

                  Fury and Wilder are trying to raise each other's value and leverage with these fake fights. I 100% guarantee you when this fake trilogy is over, both will retain value and leverage to get that Joshua money.


                  • Hearn should pay off Fury to fake an injury and have Whyte ready to step in. Wilder will duck it like crazy. He's terrified of Whyte.


                    • Originally posted by BIGPOPPAPUMP View Post
                      IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is not sold on the scenario of offering a 50-50 revenue split to the winner of next month's rematch between WBC champion Deontay Wilder and challenger Tyson Fury. Fury will challenge Wilder on February 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
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                      It sounds like Joshua is a corporation (A-side) looking to "employ" (fight against) the cheapest labor (opponents) possible. If that's the case then he can simply continue to fight everyone besides Wilder and Fury while keeping 70-90% of the pot.

                      That would be extremely disappointing in terms of legacy, but if business is the primary objective then I get it. As a boxing fan, I would rather see the best fights, even if Joshua has to "overpay" by offering 50-50. After all, it's not like he won't get the lion's share for every other fight.