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Comments Thread For: Joshua Not Sold on Offering 50-50 Split To Wilder-Fury Winner

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  • Originally posted by DaNeutral. View Post

    I expect Wilder to be offered 50% regardless, even though i think he wont take it. But there is no way Wilder is deserving of that money and nothing in his career so far can be shown as proof that he does.
    I agree with a lot of the above.

    However I still admire that power of Wilders and Fury to his credit gave a very honest assessment in yesterdays press conference citing Wilder probably being the hardest puncher in heavyweight history. For me its going to be fascinating to see Wilder tested for the first time against a top prime opponent though?

    For the love of this sport I just hope we dont see a Pacquiao v Mayweather rerun all over again when they fought well past their primes and for me devalued the true essence of the sport.


    • Am a Wilder fan and I seriously cant stand most of you AJ groupies but with all of that said, there is no way on earth it should be a 50-50 split. 60-40 in AJs favor if he wants to be generous, definitely no more than 40%. Hes the unified champion and hes the bigger star who consistently packs the arena. Fury/Wilder cant sell anything but I do believe either one beats AJ.


      • Originally posted by MDPopescu View Post
        ... "I want it all, I want 70 percent. I just made the biggest in the comeback that the world has seen in our boxing history", Joshua said...

        I guess Hearn and Joshua are just playing the "good cop, bad cop" game... I think that they would both finally "agree" over a 60-40 or 55/45 split, plus their own venue and broadcast (i.e. Saudi Arabia and DAZN)...
        ... as i said above: Hearn and Joshua are just playing the "good cop, bad cop" game...

        ... they will be pulling for their own venue and broadcast (i.e. Saudi Arabia and DAZN)... and the immediate rematch clause on their own terms...


        • Originally posted by DaNeutral. View Post
          HAHYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. He has all but one of the REAL world titles. Thats EXACTLY what they do, you ****ing idiot.
          He has a point though and I wouldnt call him a idiot.

          To many belts in this most true of sports has most likely sadly alienated a lot of potential fans.


          • I wonder if Floyd and Canelo would still think they can dictate terms after being splatted over the ring and quitting? I wonder if they would still have fans at all or people would hold them in such high regard?

            AJ fanboys are a new breed in boxing nowadays. Still treating him like a god after his last two fights lol


            • I hate this heavyweight version of amir khan as much as i hate amir khan. maybe more since amir khan would fight anyone except kell brook.


              • Originally posted by pugil1st View Post
                This is a good way of saying "I don't really want this fight". He might have made that claim before his TKO loss, but not now. If he holds firm, it will never happen and both sides will keep pointing fingers.
                As opposed to Wilder saying it outright ? Ha

                “I don't think we'll ever see a unification bout," he told The Athletic after seeing Joshua avenge his first professional defeat ot Ruiz.

                "We'll never see it, and I don't want people to get their hopes up on it because it'll never happen”

                Deontay Wilder comment in December after AJ defeated Ruiz who Admitted he and Wilder planned to fight but AJ doesn’t want the fight ? O.K
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                • Excuses, Excuses so he could stay in the U.K and keep fighting B and C level opponents. Let's be honest, if Ruiz would of laid off the burgers he would of exposed Joshua again.


                  • All Dazn has done is blocked the biggest fights.

                    There has not been 1 major fight made on Dazn.


                    • For those of u who think that boxing is more 'sport' then 'business', think hard! The sweet science is not naive to $$$$ long-term bottom line.... Should be obvious, despite all the shenanigans of managers/boxers! Best to just focus on the sweet science (boxing) for public media consumption, notwithstanding! (And keep the monkeying acts away from from the (boxing) purists! Be serious!