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  • NC Uppercut
    Seems like the same things were said about the PBC upstart....too much money to fighters, buying time on TV, the large financial backing, etc..
    Awfully similar business model for the most part.
    I haven’t read comments so apologize if someone has already mentioned this.

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  • OctoberRed
    Originally posted by Skinny kinny View Post
    who is this everyone?
    The PPV sold, at best, 275K. Wilder alone was paid around 25 million, Ortiz received 7. Then undercard, adverting. They had few sponsors for that PPV. Keep in mind the revenue of the 275K is split 60-40 with the cable/satellite companies. They lost a lot of money on that show.

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  • GFunk23
    Good article. Iíve been questioning the DAZN business model for months and I canít understand how the math works for these absurd purses they are paying for fights that in many cases arenít even quality content. It seems to be forcing PBC to do more PPV for fights that one generally wouldnít expect to be on PPV. Incredible that Chavez Jr is guaranteed another 7 figure payday from DAZN

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  • OctoberRed
    Originally posted by Inspired View Post
    Also thomas hauser has zero credibility. he doesnt have inside knowledge of how dazn operate, it's a privately owned company. furthermore he used to write anti al haymon haymon paid him off. he isnt credible.
    You do realize he interviewed John Skipper, the guy who runs DAZN, for this very story? I think that raises his credibility in what he's talking about. Also, DAZN recently issued a prospectus outlining their business model and numbers to several investors, and several reporters obtained it.

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  • uppercut510
    Originally posted by JaBfromTokyo View Post
    I have DAZN, I have had it since the beginning. And as a consumer and a fan I am telling you where it is lacking.

    Here are my customer complaints as a BOXING FAN.

    -No fighter buildup, no fight buildup. They have Paul vs Gibs on their youtube channel...where are the actual boxers you are trying to build up? How is this good for boxing..

    -Poor social media content

    -Mid tier guys like Haney, BJS, Smith, Andrade, Farmer have received 0 quality content on the DAZN USA social media and youtube. I want to take a look into Andrade's training camp and see how is is training, what he is going through. How come every other platform can provide this for their mid-tier guys..but DAZN can't?

    -As a boxing fan I hate that their careers decline on DAZN and they become unknown, that is a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. This is not good for the sport of boxing, and does not translate into growth....

    -DAZN's broadcast is improving, and is much better than what it was in October of 2018...but it still has a lot of room to improve in order to be as quality as FOX, Showtime or ESPN. It still has a "cheap" feel to it, almost there....but not quite. There are many amateur moments with their production/camera angles etc...yet I will give this a pass as they are still somewhat new.

    This is constructive criticism
    I agree with this post, they have strong points but this is all spot on criticism

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  • Oldskoolg
    Originally posted by Curt Henning View Post
    all i can really do is laugh

    wilder is fighting fury next and AJ just had to dance and run around the ring and jab a 6ft tub of lard with t rex arms......

    wilder literally puts every guy hes fought on the canvas....when AJ gets dropped he comes back in safety first mode and runs and clinches and avoids confrontation(parker and ruiz 2 after klit and ruiz 1)....

    yet wilder is the guy who operates though "sheer lies and propoganda"...lmao....
    Bro, they are swimming in a sea of nationalist propaganda themselves....his whole post just smacked of extreme entitlement. He, and most like him, feel Americans have w duty to follow whomever they are told to follow even foreigners....but the same certainly doesnít apply to them....thatís what his post literally said when you add it all up....Ē do what we tell you, follow who we tell you, accept our countrymen and love them more than yours, if you donít then itís propaganda.Ē

    And I have no idea why he threw in the lgbt thing at the end, not sure if he is saying he is a ****sexual or hates them...

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  • ChadVegas
    Originally posted by Motorcity Cobra View Post
    Yea and Hearn has shares in DAZN. All these guys stand to make hundreds of millions if they can sell DAZN off. This is a pump and dump. But they need a certain number of static subscribers. The churn is killing them. That's why Hearn talks about raising the price to $50 a month to get people locked into a yearly subscription.

    I've said from the very beginning...unless DAZN Had 3/4/5 billion to waste...and 4 to 5 yrs to develop

    They are doomed to fail
    The 1st mistake they made was putting Eddie spend your money Hearn in charge

    He's a idiot w only 1 horse...Puzzyfruit in the race...

    He's a B league promoter w A league delusions

    He is no Oscar or Dana white as a young promoter

    Dazn will have to pump more billions into the lame deek that Eddie drover into the ground

    Chad in Vegas

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  • Mikeh333
    Originally posted by Motorcity Cobra View Post
    Ten million for Chavez vs Jacobs and they owe Chavez Jr another seven figure payday
    What is a license fee?

    If they truly owe Chavez seven figures for another fight, that is unbelievable. Chavez should never fight for money again, much less for significant money.

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  • Albertocrn
    All what DAZN needs to do is show the numbers of subs they have... so these boxing writers dont speculate...

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  • Curt Henning
    Originally posted by Inspired View Post
    ok let me say this from a neutral perspective....and i half expect you to purposely ignore me and come out with some bs.
    if you're even remotely honest you'll know im right.

    im neither black or white...and i was pro al haymon when GBP ran the game...and here's the best fking bit..
    one of the biggest reasons i was anti GBP is because they were fking up Wilder's career.
    they had him on the amir khan undercard in sheffield in 2013.
    just try to think about that for a 2013, aged 27 he was beating audley harrison on an amir card undercard in man? amir khan is younger than him. 6ft7 knock out artist on the undercard of a **** amir khan who'd got battered by danny garcia and where he was fighting a relative nobody in a tune up fight he also struggled in.

    Where i changed my views about the pbc/al haymon was the entire narrative of wilder vs aj.
    i saw the way the pbc operates, like a cult, through sheer lies, repetition/propaganda. to a level ive not seen in any sport before.

    schaeffer, who is an EH hater, if you youtube his name a lot of his vids are him hating EH/dazn.
    so this guy reacts to Wilder getting offered $12.5m (which is more than he earnt vs tyson fury..despite claiming fury is better than aj and the 'lineal champion')and says 'the fight does $100m revenue, EH needs to offer more money, 50% is fair'

    context...anyone with half a brain knows the context referred to the wembley fight eg 'EH needs to offer more money'
    AJ responds within that context
    'they're saying it does $100m, give me $50m up front and ill take the fight'...and in the context that is basically telling the other side to put their money where their mouth is instead of coming up with fantasy numbers.

    next thing
    'we've made you a $50m offer, if you dont say 'wilder i accept your offer' on video within 24 hours, we'll know you're a coward'

    AJ: let's go...
    EH: we're definately interested, let's set up a meeting, let's talk

    we know what happened next.
    you get an espn/dan rafael article with finkle saying 'there's no rematch if aj loses, it's when/where wilder chooses'
    totally diff context/terms to what was in the pipeline.

    aswell as 'we wont show you the contract unless you say i accept'

    EH: in NY law, a verbal agreement on camera is legally binding.
    (as in aj cant just blindly accept that, they need to show what's in the contract).

    turns into this 'but he said 50m, here's 50m' (even though we know what aj said what a context to it).

    we've since had the likes of lennox lewis and evander holyfield blagging about it claiming aj ducked him.

    Now it gets worse
    espinoza knew about canelo vs ggg negotations, aj/eh didn't. if espinoza knew then wilder/finkle etc knew. so they derailed the talks until canelo vs ggg was announced for mid september 18..
    then espinoza told EH 'we cant have 2 superfights on ppv on showtime in the same month, please move it'
    knowing that once EH moves it...Wilder has the perfect excuse to duck.
    even though we knew it would be in october at cardiff in front of 80k.

    it gets even worse
    when povetkin was announced and EH moved that to september at wembley..
    wilder was like 'dey lieded..dey seded dey cant do da big castle..but dey dideded for povetkin'

    this isnt about fking colour man. schaeffer, espinoza arent black...they are all involved in this bs.

    oh it gets even worse.
    you get frank warren saying 'i saw the contract, guaranteed 80, if aj lost he was going to get 30m for the rematch, it would have been on BT SPORTS'

    and he said this with finkle next to him laughing and agreeing..

    furthermore, AJ is black, whyte is black...and the lgbt cult hates them.
    this has nothing to do with colour.
    all i can really do is laugh

    wilder is fighting fury next and AJ just had to dance and run around the ring and jab a 6ft tub of lard with t rex arms......

    wilder literally puts every guy hes fought on the canvas....when AJ gets dropped he comes back in safety first mode and runs and clinches and avoids confrontation(parker and ruiz 2 after klit and ruiz 1)....

    yet wilder is the guy who operates though "sheer lies and propoganda"...lmao....

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