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Will Ellerbe ever let Tank fight somebody? Or are they going to keep him protected?

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  • Will Ellerbe ever let Tank fight somebody? Or are they going to keep him protected?

    Here's the thing, I like Tank but you can tell Ellerbe and Floyd protecting Tank. Loma called out Tank for 3 years, Devin called him out this year, Ryan recently called him out but this guy don't wanna fight any of them.

    "You know, I don't feel nobody above me. I'm the cash cow, I believe, at 135, 130. I'm setting all records. I'm putting butts in the seats, so I don't think he doing that. So, you know, line 'em up. I'm willing to fight anybody. I'm ready."

    When it comes to Loma it's "I think right now it's like people will fight me off of - I'm not trying to be ****y - but off of, you know, them making [a lot of money]. It's a big risk, but also, it's a big payday, so a lot of people wanna get paid. Like [Lomachenko] is at the end of his career, I believe, so - well, not at the end of his career. He up in age, you know, so he trying to make the biggest fights he can make in a short period of time. So, everybody got they different path. But I'm 25 years old. My stretch a little longer than his, so we takin' our time

    But you just said August 3rd of 2019 to loma it's time.

    Now him and Devin got into because Devin was gifted the WBC belt even though he never asked for it and wanted to fight loma. He had been calling for loma this year. Keep in mind Tank is 4 years older than Devin and he running TOWARDS THE SMOKE WITH LOMA while Tank tap dancing and going quiet on twitter when Loma say something.

    Devin said I believe that they can fight. This was before Tank had his recent fight planned. Tank ghosted on twitter. Then the night of the fight Devin calls for the fight with Davis in 2020. Tank says nothing. But in a interview he says he'll beat him.

    Why don't you keep this same energy with Loma and Devin when they want the smoke.

    I like Tank but damn if this aint being protected Idk what is. I think he can beat loma because of his power but if that fails then Loma wins.

    I think him and Devin 50/50 but I feel like Devin will outbox him if tank power fails.

    But what yall think? Is tank being protected by Ellerbe and Floyd? Or does he want the smoke but they wont let him fight?

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    Fighting bums won't make you a PPV draw so I have no idea what their game plan other than waiting 5 years to make sure Lomachenko is old


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      I want to see Tank vs Ryan Garcia because no matter who loses it brings one of these over-inflated egos down to earth.