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How will Loma fans react when Teofimo KOs him?

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  • Originally posted by Bob Haymon View Post
    So sensitive. You never seem to mind Lomachenko being called 'Lomo', which is what the person I was responding to has been doing throughout this thread.
    I always thought Lomo is a low reference. I don't respect people who disrespect boxers. I also can't be the only voice. Feel free to report them to the mods.


    • Originally posted by j.razor View Post
      That's straight bullshet. That narrative is media created. 1 year is NOT "waiting out". The ONLY one who waited out was golovkin for Nelo his whole career
      1-2 years makes a difference when a guy is in his mid-30s and on the back end of his prime. The fight was viable in 2015.


      • Originally posted by j.razor View Post
        You just created an excuse the l0m0 fans will run with.
        People don't need help creating excuses, and to me it's still perfect timing for the matchup because SLIGHTLY past peak is still prime to me. If fans wanna claim that Loma is shot or that Teo is green depending on the result then that's on them.