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For anyone who doubts Andy ruiz's ability and talent as a fighter

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    To depend on ''what if'' to make a point is as feeble as it gets. What if Andy came in shape and still lost ?

    The thing with playing the what if game is any one can play.


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      Originally posted by ikigai View Post
      Put this into perspective.

      For coming in as the second heaviest champion at 6 foot 2, looking like absolute trash. I mean let's be real here, he looked like complete garbage...

      He faced the most determined, the most focused, Anthony Joshua we've probably ever seen since the klitschko fight.. and he had him fighting scared, hurt him a couple times and went the full distance.

      Compare that to povetkin, who doing his absolute best got knocked the **** out. Just like 95% of Aj's other opponents.

      It's always been the same story with ruiz. For the past decade. He's a talented, dangerous fighter... if he puts the work in.

      Putting the work in and remaining disciplined has ALWAYS been his problem, but his talent and ability has never been in question.

      Ruiz is good.. And i don't put much blame on him being fat that contributed to the loss.
      He was already fat the first time.

      Not many fighters in history could deal with that kind of style and strategy that AJ presented in their last fight. Potshot, constant footwork, box, Tie up.. wash rinse and repeat.
      Mayweather had been doing that 90% of his career. And look he was undefeated.

      Duran didn't want it when sugar ray did it to him, and duran was a killer in cutting off the ring.

      Pacman's workrate plummeted when floyd presented that style to him. and pacman is super fast in terms of hand and footspeed.

      If khan can be discipline, and fight like that, then he'd probably wouldn't have had his ass kod many times.
      And im a passionate khan hater.

      Aj fought the right fight, albeit ugly to many casuals eyes.. albeit unsatisfactory even to the hardcore ones. That was the best way to go when your career is on the line.. and you have a fatty who can bang you up in close quarters.


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        Originally posted by Redd Foxx View Post
        You have a habit of making predictions and then raging when you turn out to be wrong. Your Joker threads were a perfect example. It's always the fault of the individual or product, not you, right? I don't get why people try to direct blame. When I'm wrong I'd just rather admit I'm wrong and learn from it.

        The reason Ruiz won was Joshua did not listen to his corner, did not stay outside. He engaged in the range at which Ruiz had the advantage. All he had to do was stay outside and keep moving. That's all. And, he proved that Saturday. No version of Ruiz would overcome that because he's too short. People claimed so many things about Ruiz, but they were basing it all on what happened after the first KD, once AJ was dazed. If you look at who Andy Ruiz really is as a fighter, you'd know he wouldn't be able to keep up with AJ if AJ actually followed the game plan.

        I WISH Ruiz would have pulled it off. But, I knew he wouldn't as long as AJ didn't do anything stupid. I called that right after the first fight ended.
        Joshua was fighting on the outside. He was using his footwork to stay out of ruiz's range, but ruiz was better able to stay with him because he was in better shape than he was last night. He was quicker, had fresher feet and was better able to close the distance because he was in better shape than he was last night.

        Watch it again

        Ruiz wasn't even in good shape in the first fight. He was fat as **** already the first fight. He was in much better shape against dimitrenko.

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          He was in bad shape in the first fight, but not as bad as he was in the rematch because in the rematch he looked and performed like a can of beans.

          He was 267 in bad shape in the first fight

          He was 283 in the rematch in the worst shape I have ever seen him. The second heaviest heavyweight champion of all time, and he's 6'2.

          Ruiz has looked best around 250.

          I'm not making any excuses, Ruiz won the first fight period. Joshua won the second fight period.

          I'm just talking boxing and truth.


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            Originally posted by Weebler I View Post
            He is good, no heavyweight was rushing to fight him before this, and none will be after.
            Originally posted by ikigai View Post
            Ruiz is limited? How?

            Ruiz hits like a truck and has fast hands. Phenomenal counterpuncher. Phenomenal combination puncher. Can fight on the inside, is one of the best in his mid range game, cuts off the ring exceptionally, closes the distance and controls range(especially against taller fighters) masterfully.. how is he limited other than his height?

            The fact that he is fighting on the highest level at 6'2 and being a fat **** is pretty indicative of his talent.
            Originally posted by ikigai View Post
            Do I have to answer that? Are we feigning ignorance now?

            This is what usually happens a taller fighter tries to box ruiz. He takes your angles , takes your range and fights you in the mid range.

            Not training and being the second heaviest champion of all time, he didn't have the stamina to stay with joshua.

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            ... nice vid......................


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              How This fight played out is everything Ruiz is as a fighter

              Not saying it'd happen twice but Ruiz Had already proven he has the talent & skills to beat AJ , but either because lack of discipline or coming in fat and not training gives him a Built in excuse if he lost. Ruiz has never been even half way committed to being the best fighter he can be and just gets By off his talent .

              He is the definition of Hard Work beats Talent if Talent doesn't work hard

              Ruiz basically lost the fight before the first round even started