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  • Comments Thread For: Video: Miguel Berchelt on Facing Oscar Valdez Next, More

    Miguel Berchelt Video Interview - Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas - Former featherweight world champion Oscar Valdez (27-0, 21 KOs) made his debut at 130-pounds and was forced to get off the floor to stop very late replacement Adam Lopez (13-2, 6 KOs) in the seventh round. (photos by Mikey Williams)

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    I always thought Valdez could work on some things defensively. Especially if he is to face a wrecking machine in Berchelt. Not a whole lot but moving side to side a bit more keeping his head moving and not sitting still in front of his opponents. Fine, fixable and beneficial. Nothing major. He changed trainers to work on those things, ok. What the hell is his overrated trainer thinking. Teaching him to hold!? Are you kidding!!?? Oscar Valdez trying to hold at this stage of his career is rediculous. What's wrong with a little head movement and swinging off of those angles? Alot more natural for the semi old dog to get use to. As a result his flaws have become more obvious with no improvement and watching him try to hold is like watching a hockey player cut ice on rollerblades. Many reasons why he picked the wrong trainer but that one is all anyone needs to know. Valdez learning to hold, please! Can't blame Reynosabe. Valdez is to blame for going with the fool. Love Valdez hope he makes the corrections to his new adjustments no matter how foolish. One more shout out to Adam Lopez, great fight!! Ref robbed him but he definately rewarded himself. We'll see Lopez a world title holder soon.


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      Berchelt would destroy valdez