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Manny Pacquiao 'Very keen' to fight Errol Spence..

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    Originally posted by Curtis Harper View Post

    Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao: How the world reacted on Twitter

    Mayweather vs. Pacquiao reaction, analysis

    for starters.

    TBF, i didn't read these links so maybe I'm helping your deranged POV. Let me know if you need more
    I have more facts if u want to know more...


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      Originally posted by Curtis Harper View Post
      A tune up fight will kill a fight with Pac. Pac needs Spence to be at his worst.
      We're talking about pac here not floyd...

      Floyd had a very long history of picking his opponents at the weakest state or when he think that he can beat his opponent and add the fact that he willl have all the advantages in the ring starting from venue, referee, judges, gloves, his own drug testing agency, weight, size of ring, etc...


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        spence drunk ass might be damaged goods after the accident


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          Originally posted by Monzon99 View Post
          Same fix formula as Lewis vs Holy 1. Holy ducked it for two years then finally did the fight. But boxed careful and safe, never taking any risks to win the fight convincingly like he did with Bowe. Holyfield knew King had the judges rigged to not lose the decision to Lewis.

          Floyd Pac was the same fix formula but they gave the decision to Floyd instead of draw.
          Dumb. Even for a complete moron like you.


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            I hope spence will fight pac before pac become 50 years old...


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              Originally posted by Mastrangelo
              Don't people realise that this car crash was just a big media stunt - manipulation to make Pacquiao fight Spence and create the story around the event?
              Derp, Derp???


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                Pac will make him feel like he has been in a real car accident after they fight


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                  Originally posted by hugh grant View Post
                  But again Pac beating Spence at his worst is better than anything Floyd will do. Floyd will not fight any version of spence as hes too scared 5 years ago and now.
                  So whatever version pac fights is better than no version Floyd will fight.
                  Is Floyd an active fighter and a title holder?


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                    Originally posted by pasawayako View Post

                    Sean Gibbons, President of MP Promotions, reveals the three fighters who could face Manny Pacquiao in the Spring, and his views on Errol Spence
                    As a trusted advisor and also the President of MP Promotions, Sean Gibbons is very close to Manny Pacquiao. Visiting the UK to look after MP fighter John Riel Casimero, who challenges WBO bantamweight champion Zolani Tete in Birmingham on Saturday, Gibbons discussed that contest but also took the time to talk about the future of his legendary friend and boss.
                    Gibbons revealed the three men in the frame to meet the Senator in his Spring return, talked about his desire to meet Errol Spence and the ultimate goal of a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

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                      Originally posted by hugh grant View Post
                      But again Pac beating Spence at his worst is better than anything Floyd will do.
                      You keep forcing me to remind you May at his worst beat Pac.