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Breaking News! Floyd Mayweather going to Saudi Arabia to discuss Pacquiao Rematch!

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    Video is a deep fake. You are all eejits.


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      lol everybody wants some saudi money


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        Originally posted by QueensburyRules View Post
        - -But yer ok with TUE 50-0 abuse of women is it?

        I have never said I was ok with it.

        Originally posted by techliam View Post
        Unfortunately that regime has cosy relationships with the US/UK governments, who themselves have questionable human rights records in foreign countries.

        But of course, politics and boxing is a bad mix (politics and anything is a bad mix)

        I would watch May/Pac 2 like everyone else. I think they would be crazy not to do it again with a huge amount of money and public interest on the table
        The US and the U.K. aren't squeaky clean either. But Saudi Arabia takes things to another level.

        You don't take a stand against injustice by saying "those other countries aren't perfect so let's just sportswash and ignore Saudi Arabia's crimes."

        That's my opinion on the matter anyway.


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          Originally posted by DuckAdonis View Post

          Interesting. Wonder how the view of Saudi Arabia will change now...
          For Floyd it'll depend how much the offer is I'd bet.

          That would be a fight that could impact Saudi Arabia in sports although I suspect with how big that fight would be the more sh^t media & sports people give towards all parties in comparison to this rematch.


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            Originally posted by W1LL View Post
            Video is a deep fake. You are all eejits.
            Floyd didn't say those words?

            Yeah right buddy. Just saw another channel discuss it as well


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              Originally posted by Deontay Wilder View Post
              Floyd will dominate Pacquiao in the rematch and then get blown into smithereens by a terrorist, but it will all be worth it to show the world once and for all that he's the best ever.
              Nah. Floyd just gonna get 60 lashes for being suspected of cross dressing with one of his fancy outfits.

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                Floyd wants that oldest WW tutle. He wants a real accomplishment


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                  Fvvck off Floyd

                  You said you're retired so stay retired

                  Pac has bigger fish to fry at this point of his career

                  I want Pacquiao/Spence, fvvck outta here with your attention whoring


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                    Finally a country that will throw in the requested 20 Male virgins per Floyd's stipulations.


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                      Originally posted by Jsmooth9876 View Post
                      Finally a country that will throw in the requested 20 Male virgins per Floyd's stipulations.
                      Lmao. Don't forget the reverse thongs and knee high boots.