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Pacquiao Robinson are they cut in the same cloth?

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    I think if s rr was around today Pac would have srr blessing as best today.
    I mean Pac s career is more like srr than anyone today.
    If srr is the yardstick Pac is following that blueprint. None of this only 49 fights of which 30 bums nonsense
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      Originally posted by aboutfkntime View Post
      yes, they are both great fighters

      just like, for example..... Juan Manuel Marquez

      IF Pacquiao is better than Marquez, he never proved it when they were both in the ring at the same time

      despite having 4 attempts

      there are MANY great fighters..... more than a hundred

      many of those great fighters, are cut from a similar cloth to Robinson..... despite the fact that SRR obviously achieved more than any of them

      guys like Marquez and Pacquiao and Mayweather


      Marquez fans, and Mayweather fans..... do not feel the need to minimize SRR's resume/career in order to justify why their guy is great

      just saying

      Someone is getting butthurt . Don't worry floyd has 50-0 record.


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        Originally posted by pasawayako View Post
        Someone is getting butthurt . Don't worry floyd has 50-0 record.

        a 5-division champ... who beat the best in 5 divisions

        is better than a 6-division champ who only fought the best once

        oh, and when he finally fought the best... he lost