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Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman Does $6.3 Million Gate

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    Originally posted by KTFOKING View Post
    Act that is considered very nosy? LMAO.

    Sorry mate, will continue doing what I'm doing.

    You carry on with your BS rhetoric.
    It is nosy full stop. I don't care how you like to spin it, you have no legitimate defense except to call it bs rhetoric which you know it isn't. I'm hardly reciting a political doctrine. You mustn't know what that means. Put yourself in the shoes of the guys doing the shows including the boxers, they don't want you to know how much they make. I wouldn't. So respect their privacy like any rational and mannerly person would. Whatever low IQ trash love obsessing over this stuff. Before you come back with a "clever" retort of accusing me of being stupid. I'd recant such claims, you know I'm not being that unreasonable. You're just naturally going to be defensive when I call you out on the one thing that you do, I understand it and don't really blame ya in the end. Have a good night, I guess it's not worth fighting over.