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Out of Wilder and Fury who does Usyk have a better chance against?

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    Wilder is a great American

    Fury is just brit bum


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      He has a better chance to catch and get brutally ko'd with Wilder


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        Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post
        Wilder. Avoid getting caught and its an easy UD (if he doesn't get robbed like Fury)
        Fury did not avoid getting caught, he got floored 2 times


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          Usyk Will be K.O'd by any top-7 heavyweight fighter


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            Wilder will KTFO of that EEuro Frankenstein!

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              Usyk takes Wilder to school.

              I wouldn't be surprised if Usyk KO's Wilder.

              Wilder leaves himself so open and a skilled operator like Usyk will be catching him with clean hard counters all nigh.

              Hard to see how Usyk can out box or land anything big enough for the KO on Fury.


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                Anybody who thinks usyk can beat wilder is just flat out ******ed,thankfully hearn is not that stupid and would never put his life on the line like that,every man wilder has ever fought has hit the canvas including fury,how the hell is the shorter fighter gonna dance around the much taller fighter with the reach advantage and not get hit?Swear some of you are just stupid,wilder knocking out 250 pound plus men and you idiots think a cruiserweight gonna stand a chance?he can have a boring boxing match with fury,hearn would never let him near wilder


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                  Fury because he has no power.


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                    Well the logical choice is Wilder.

                    Wilder will struggle badly with southpaw movers ,not stationary ones ( see Ortiz when he slowed) .

                    Usyk doesn't fight in rythms either and wilder relies on that ( see Fury after mid rounds ) .

                    Usyk likes unpredictability as an advantage and fury would at least chop that down ,wilder cant.

                    Wilder is unorthodox in punching angles and baiting guys ,he can also be outpointed which is already a severe disadvantage where fury can be ahead and force the lesser known puncher to get the k.O to have to win.

                    In short ,wilder is far more prone to lose here ( see the Szpilka fight ).

                    Not sure what others posted but I just blew up anyone picking Fury as the easier target here. ( sorry) .


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                      Originally posted by MASTERBX View Post
                      Wilder will KTFO of that EEuro Frankenstein!

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                      The Euro guy in that pic you have , has had fights with Ken Shamrock so chances are he can defeat Wilder more easily if grappling was allowed ,he would choke Wilder out. .