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Comments Thread For: Wilder's KO Of Breazeale Peaked At 990K Viewers For Showtime

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    Originally posted by Bronx2245 View Post
    The fight lasted less than 3 minutes! How does it have a "peak?"
    It had 700K viewers... when Wilder fans called the LDBC Wilder fans to turn the channel for the KO replay it peaked!

    We in dis thang mayne!


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      Originally posted by Frankie2Jabs View Post
      Speaks the DAZN hatin gong baldy
      Stick to one account ya dosser


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        They even added the Sunday replay and still only got to 1.1 million lol.


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          Originally posted by bballchump11 View Post
          The majority of that money was from $100 yearly subscriptions. They received $48 million that night, but in accounting terms, they're not doing so well. You'd expect a Canelo fight to do a lot better than that.
          “Accounting terms.” “...expect Canelo... to do a lot better...”

          How much is DAZN’s entire revenue for May? Oh wait, we’re still in May. Derp derp derp

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            Originally posted by Phenom View Post
            Stick to one account ya dosser
            Fannondeaux. “We in dis thang mayne!”


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              Originally posted by Squ□redCircle34 View Post
              Wilder is becoming must see tv, he’s gotten the casuals attention a bit with that destruction of Breazeale!

              Heck, my coworkers who don’t like boxing said that KO was unreal and savage and that they want to start watching Wilder!

              They need to continue building off that, I would market Wilder’s power and brutality in the ring everywhere!

              Put him on Mortal Kombat as a free DLC with that Shredder like outfit and a special finish move with the right hand!

              Have him sponsored by NyQuil or mattress companies or even bedtime story books!

              The iron to strike is now!
              Wow that is exactly the same LDBC speech from the Orti fight, "next time the numbers will be good", well maybe they will be but he's still a B side and those gate numbers at a 1/3 price are awful before we account for all the free tickets ...

              You guys claim he has fought the best for 40 fights so how come no one is supporting him then .. one must be a lie.


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                Originally posted by James Hunt View Post
                But, but so many people LOVE him...laughable
                The fight was only 2 minutes! Not much to tune into. I think those numbers are pretty good considering ....


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                  Originally posted by Deontay Wilder View Post
                  Plus 9 million watching it on illegal streams or social media replays
                  Originally posted by jondacon View Post
                  Live numbers dont matter as much if the fight instantly goes viral thereafter... Showtime on FB had 2.5mill views over night.

                  Showtime's YouTube had 1.5mill... CBS Sports YouTube has 1mill.

                  Someone posted a screenshot of a publication that had 25mill views..
                  What a load of bollocks. I'm sorry lads but live viewers are what matter because if people aren't prepared to watch him on regular showtime then they certainly aren't going to want to pay to watch him live on PPV.

                  His fight with Fury went viral and look how well that's boosted his live viewer profile.


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                    showtime is a subscription based network. they don't sell ads based on their ratings. the KO went viral and wilder's star grew. doesn't matter what the ratings were, they're ecstatic right now.


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                      Originally posted by Frankie2Jabs View Post
                      Fannondeaux. “We in dis thang mayne!”
                      How is your youtube war going you lot losing?