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Comments Thread For: Wilder's KO Of Breazeale Peaked At 990K Viewers For Showtime

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    What a superstar lol

    Once again

    Joshua does more viewers on ppv compared to what wilder does on non ppv


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      Not great numbers. Decent though.


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        Damn, it didn't even get a million viewers!

        If it had been on Showtime PPV for $89 a pop it would have cleared 2.5million buys easily!

        Wilder is a PPV star! Why are those fools putting his fights on free TV?


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          Originally posted by jonnyc420 View Post
          LMAO!!! Let me guess, Showtime isn't in enough homes!!! What a joke, if Fury's views crush this, that's the loaded excuse.

          More homes will equal more views. Showtime is a premium sub.


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            AB and Deontay Wilder do fantastic numbers for Showtime.
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              Lol the haters out in full force

              This will be more than AJ gets against Ruiz


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                Originally posted by Bmore18 View Post
                You asked to do the "mathssz" so i did for you. And since you didnt mention subscriptions its irrelevant to my response, but facts that go against your narrative of course you gotta deflect. Also no ****, Canelo is the much bigger draw.
                You shouldn’t mingle in convos in which you don’t understand simple return rate success... because Showtime loves ratings where new subscriptions don’t reflect the viewership reported...because I mean showtime doesn’t care to profit off new subscriptions...and Showtime loves to spend on Wilder...

                All Sarcasm Matters


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                  LOL including streams, so the 790k figure was right. Haha below 800k confirmed and with streams still below a million.

                  DAZN offer from $100m just got cut in half.
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                    Originally posted by Phenom View Post
                    Lol the haters out in full force

                    This will be more than AJ gets against Ruiz
                    Speaks the DAZN hatin gong baldy


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                      Considering it was up against the nba finals AND it was not against the type of opponent that a Fury or an Ortiz is, its actually good numbers. Id like to see him do no less than 1.3m though without competition. But then viewership grows the longer the fight is