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Comments Thread For: Wilder's KO Of Breazeale Peaked At 990K Viewers For Showtime

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  • Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
    Considering it was up against the nba finals AND it was not against the type of opponent that a Fury or an Ortiz is, it’s actually good numbers. I’d like to see him do no less than 1.3m though without competition. But then viewership grows the longer the fight is
    Wilder can only sell and have people watch on the back of someone else because he's not a draw by himself the way AJ is.

    Now get to making your crazy excuses and let us all laugh at you. That's the real reason we're here.


    • Originally posted by Sid-Knee View Post
      DAZN is growing. Showtime isn't. Haha.

      AJ sold over 17,000 tickets at 4 times the price. Wilder sold over 8,000 with the rest being given away for free like they always do to make it look like a success. Haha.
      Showtime's growth is driven by their app and streaming.


      • Good job wilder


        • Originally posted by boogbx View Post
          Much more.

          I’m leaving the states mid June and Joshua vs Ruiz ain’t enough for me to renew my subscription through June. I repeat biggest fan in the planet but even 10 bucks is too much if the fights wack.

          Ruiz vs Joshua is terrible.
          Stop lying.

          And if $10 is too much for a months subscription with other fights being shown, then you're not really any kind of real fan.


          • Originally posted by Pigeons View Post
            Wilder is Showtime and PBC's most valuable asset. No wonder Al talked him out of DAZN.

            It seems that every time Wilder is on Showtime, he goes viral. He's been real fun to watch over the years.


            They just don't want to watch the fight on TV or buy tickets. Which means no money for Wilder and co. It generates nothing for them. Haha.

            He's such a big star with a growing popularity even though his viewing figures are down as well as his ticket sales. Haha.


            • Originally posted by Frankie2Jabs View Post
              Lol. Less viewership for 48mil+ on 1.2 than 1.6 makes the premise that DAZN has proven premium buys! Derp derp derp

              Canelo went from 4 million followers before Jacobs to now 5.1 million followers. Do you AJ think will continue to grow? What percentage from these increases benefits DAZN as it continues to grow? Use yo head mayne! We in dis thang mayne!

              From the press release, DAZN wrote that the event drew “significant paid subscriptions – both annual and monthly – to deliver against projected revenue targets.” ESPN also reported that the show generated “more revenue in new subscriptions than the roughly $48 million cost of the main event.”
              Per the LA Times

              "DAZN’s revenue for the Alvarez-Jacobs bout was estimated to be near $50 million, according to the industry sources, which exceeded the $48 million in purse money owed to Alvarez and Jacobs."

              There doesn't seem to be an ESPN reports that they made over 48 million dollars in new subscription as was reported in the bloody elbow.


              • Originally posted by Lemonhead_Jeff View Post
                Porter vs Ugas was not broadcast on a premium channel,
                it was broadcast on FOX, which reaches more homes than
                Showtime. Wilder appearing on FOX would generate much
                more interest and views than Porter vs Ugas did.
                Do you really not understand that? Or does it just not fit-in
                with your false narrative that Wilder is not becoming increasingly
                popular and famous? These viewership numbers
                probably double DAZN's highest-ever US ratings, and likely
                far exceed the amount of American eyes that will be watching
                Joshua vs Ruiz. You can either acknowledge Wilder's rising
                star-power, or you can cover your ears, make a high-pitched
                squealing sound, and pretend that it's not happening.
                The viewing figures and ticket sales are down even on Showtime. You know, the place he always fights?

                But he's growing in popularity. Haha. Only in your minds. Facts speak like they always do. Which is why people like you have egg on your faces. But you lot should be used to it by now.


                • Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
                  A lot better than the 300K Anthony Joshua generates for Showtime.
                  Yeah, but that's in the middle of the day over there so they're actually good numbers. But Wilder is the Yank who can't even get the same amount of people watching him for free that AJ does at home on PPV making shlt tones of cash. Haha.

                  Now kiss my noodle.


                  • Originally posted by Curt Henning View Post
                    decent number for a letdown of an opponent and the fact that the fight didnt last 3 miinutes.....its a good number and he had people talking the next day big time

                    wilder isnt going anywhere...hes not disappearing like these hating fgts wish he would..and his cut of an AJ fight hasnt dwindled one friggin dollar

                    stay hating fgts
                    Have a good cry you backwards b1tch. Haha.


                    • Originally posted by Sid-Knee View Post
                      Oh definitely. You keep telling yourself that. Haha.
                      Whats wrong with you, Sid?
                      You can obviously see that Wilder has been building
                      momentum and creating a lot of buzz, especially his latest
                      knockout, but you insist on denying it. Why is it so hard
                      for you to accept reality? You can still be a Joshua fan,
                      and nobody says you must appreciate Wilder, but you can't
                      bury your head in the sand and pretend Wilder is not
                      increasing his profile. He was the highest ranked boxer on
                      ESPN's recent list of trending athletes, he just won an
                      Emmy award, and his recent knockout of Breazeale was the
                      kind of highlight-reel stuff that attracts casual fans to the
                      sport. You will deny it, but I guarantee that you would be
                      among Wilder's biggest fans if he had been born a Brit.