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Comments Thread For: Wilder's KO Of Breazeale Peaked At 990K Viewers For Showtime

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  • Originally posted by Deontay Wilder View Post
    Plus 9 million watching it on illegal streams or social media replays
    Did all this happen in your head? Haha.


    • Originally posted by Frankie2Jabs View Post
      Crack does a body good. So does irony. How many “new” subscribers did Showtime report? Oh no wait, they said peak for cable and app subs. Lol.

      What’s next? The LDBC saying “DAZN users stream their fights on multiple devices for more viewership!” Lol

      On no wait that was said! And... “DAZN only has 85k subs, but peaks to 600k USA live views for Canelo Jacobs...” -LDBC

      Derp derp
      When backed in a corner or at a loss for words and nutters like yourself always reach for a LDBC comment.

      No one else references it on this site.


      • Originally posted by jondacon View Post
        Live numbers dont matter as much if the fight instantly goes viral thereafter... Showtime on FB had 2.5mill views over night.

        Showtime's YouTube had 1.5mill... CBS Sports YouTube has 1mill.

        Someone posted a screenshot of a publication that had 25mill views..
        And what do all these people bring to the table? Are they going to be buying any PPV's? No. Are they going to be buying any tickets? No. We could clearly see that when the Brezeale fight sold just over 8,000. Haha.

        Don't forget the people who watch on TV will be most of those on YT and what not to check out all the comments.


        • Originally posted by James Hunt View Post
          But, but so many people LOVE him...laughable
          The viewership numbers are lower than I expected, no doubt, even given that he was fighting on Showtime. But Wilder's name recognition in the US has increased dramatically and public interest in Wilder now rivals that of all active boxers over the last 4 years and greatly exceeds anyone but Canelo and Pacquiao. For example, look at Google Trends:

          The projected Google search frequency on Wilder this week (May 19-25) is higher than that for any currently active boxer over the past 4 years. I checked for AJ, Canelo and Pacquiao:
          - Canelo's peak (Sept 2018 for GGG 2) was at 92% of Wilder's peak
          - Pacquiao's peak (Jan 2018 for Broner) was 62% of Wilder's peak
          - AJ's peak (April 2017 for Klitschko) was 8% of Wilder's peak
          - Wilder's previous peak (Dec for Fury) was 49% of the peak for this week. Mar 2018 (Ortiz) it was 11%.

          These numbers are projected by Google, so it's possible they will be off slightly. But if you can't see that Wilder's name recognition and profile in the US is somewhere between 5-20x what it was one year ago.


          • Originally posted by Phenom View Post
            Yeah definitely millions saw the whole fight minutes later
            Oh definitely. You keep telling yourself that. Haha.


            • Originally posted by SchoolTheseCats View Post
              Dazn generates revenue from new subscribers, you said they generated 48mil from 1.6 million views which it was only 1.2million that watched fight worldwide.... you spinning yourself in a knot trying deflect from the question of how did you get your numbers when they have two different price plans and didn’t release how many people was new subscribers that give them new revenue from the fight
              Lol. Less viewership for 48mil+ on 1.2 than 1.6 makes the premise that DAZN has proven premium buys! Derp derp derp

              Canelo went from 4 million followers before Jacobs to now 5.1 million followers. Do you AJ think will continue to grow? What percentage from these increases benefits DAZN as it continues to grow? Use yo head mayne! We in dis thang mayne!

              From the press release, DAZN wrote that the event drew “significant paid subscriptions – both annual and monthly – to deliver against projected revenue targets.” ESPN also reported that the show generated “more revenue in new subscriptions than the roughly $48 million cost of the main event.”


              • Originally posted by Ake-Dawg View Post
                When backed in a corner or at a loss for words and nutters like yourself always reach for a LDBC comment.

                No one else references it on this site.
                Me? Backed in a corner? I’m P4P elite on DAZN mayne. You can’t touch this! Dudididu didu didu! Can’t touch this!


                • Originally posted by Phenom View Post
                  Lol the haters out in full force

                  This will be more than AJ gets against Ruiz
                  DAZN is growing. Showtime isn't. Haha.

                  AJ sold over 17,000 tickets at 4 times the price. Wilder sold over 8,000 with the rest being given away for free like they always do to make it look like a success. Haha.


                  • As Wilder social media stats, internet searches, television appearances, youtube views continue to climb, there are about three posters who come on this site daily trying to convince everyone that no one knows Wilder and that he is actually losing popularity. I hope those three are getting paid, if not, they are wasting their talent.


                    • Originally posted by BufordTannen View Post
                      That’s common sense. You should expect fox and espn to have more viewers than showtime
                      Fury-Schwartz will be on ESPN+. Viewership numbers will not be released.
                      The one time that ESPN+ released "numbers" was when they had a big UFC show (when Dillashaw lost) and they published the increase in subscriptions and total number of subscriptions (600k and 2M, respectively).